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  1. I also struggled with this problem after updating Arma 2.0, but I only play single mode and only have 8GB of memory. After a long time changing settings in Arma, launcher, drivers in desperation I changed the virtual memory settings in Windows to Auto for each disk and the problem disappeared.

  2. It's hard to believe, but Rosomak is breaking me now RHS and CUP, with RHS I get an error with BTR, with CUP error in Mastiff then of course the game crashes on running add-ons, Arma will finish me faster than a virus. Without this mods work fine.
    And now I have a question, tanks and BWP-1 are still firing somewhere else than they are aiming, is this the way it should be? Maybe one day it will fix or I will have to remove Rosomak from each version 🤣

  3. Still the same error if i have kto subaddon, on new version too, without run fine. I reinstall Arma today and nothing, maybe may version is "special" haha or its Windows problem, fck this. Configs is black magic to me, impossible yo help you with gunsight problem, maybe save time using T-100 Varsuk sight at this moment?

  4. If only I didn't have these DLCs, well my loss, but I have. In the crash report he says that it is not known why it does not work (we do not have your coat and what you will do to us :)). I don't care about this game as I do on PT-91, as it won't help tomorrow I will reinstall this shit and those 200 Gb addons.

  5. Please give also versions in Polish camouflage of your tanks etc, if it's not a big problem of course 🙂
    Star and Jelon are cool, they could be a supply version. And in my opinion they have acceleration and brakes for good, but it can be the fault of physics in Arma. And since the OFP times no truck has had "good" sound. Thanks a lot.

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  6. Thx Rydygier for your work, i have some trouble with new beta, on this moment I not have time to long test play, weekend incoming :). Still In my opinion manually set position  forces in battle is good idea, and add option density motorized groups. But HWS is still one of the best things in A3, many thx.




    sorry for my English.

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