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  1. zyg0tic

    Altis Total War Coop @ALiVE @ ASR_AI3

    What are your server config file settings? What is your server startup parameters? I suspect those are the culprit rather than the mission itself, but happy to help. Do you have additional addons enabled? If you are using the strictest server config settings (verifySignatures = 2; requiredSecureId = 2;) but the server doesnt have the keys installed to "whitelist" extra addons then it will kick you because of those addons.
  2. zyg0tic

    Altis Total War Coop @ALiVE @ ASR_AI3

    Yes fully loaded worlds are pretty much impossible to run without virtualisation/caching of units. To improve performance you need to use the Editor, load the mission (folder version) and change the values of the Civ and Mil Objs for each region. To reduce the amount of visibile enemies (excluding CQB Module generated ones) use the Virtual AI Module (placed above the BLUFOR base). The CQB Module is set to cover the entire map, and from that you can reduce the amount that spawn also. To reduce the maximum pool of reinforcements edit the Military Logistics Module which Ive placed above the OPFOR AI Commander. Also you can run the mission solo by loading it as multiplayer with a password. This will allow for vehicle respawn and such. Also if you want AI team members then you need to go to description.ext and change disabledAI from = 0; to = 1. To reduce/increase the amount of playable units, use the Editor to cull/add the player units which are located inside of the hangar at the BLUFOR base.
  3. Okay, so I've put together a mission using ALiVE. It is inspired by Invade & Annex, Domination and Insurgency, taking them to another level and removing some of the "hand-holding" easy mode stuff. I run it nightly on a Sydney, Australia based dedicated server. Server name is Altis Total War Coop. Download links and more info are below. Mod requirements are CBA_A3, ALiVE and ASR_AI3. ASR_AI3 can be removed easily by deleting it from the folder and its init.sqf execVM if you prefer not to use it. Also includes script versions of BTC Quick Revive, TPWACS, TAW_VD, VCOM AI Driving, VAS. Basically I've made the entire island of Altis into a war zone. It is only a coop map though, currently 12 players (but you can increase or reduce that in the editor). OPFOR presense in a sector is marked, with deeper shades of red meaning higher concentration. There are 8 major regions. The first region, Molos, is a staging/practice region. All other regions has an armored platoon, and a random weighted company of 100 soldiers. These are easily configurable in the editor if you want to reduce or increase their numbers. The number of visible enemies is 150 which I think is a good level, and they spawn in at 1600. Heli spawn radius is 500, whereas planes dont spawn enemy at all - again configurable in the editor. I run this on a 4790K CPU with a headless client, so your own server performance results may vary. There is very little "hand-holding" and instead players are given the ability to set their own tasks using ALiVE's C2ISTAR features. This is accessible when you have a laser designator equipped. Ive set it so there is no grass and no fatigue and artillery computers are disabled - if youd like to change that but dont know how Im happy to help. Vehicles are pre-loaded with better inventory than vanilla, and bobcats have an assortment of explosives and mines included. Helis are empty except for first aid kits. VAS boxes are conveniently located around all base vehicles so you can load up a vehicle easily. The map is not easy mode! There are patrolling death squads. After or while you clear a town the enemy will send reinforcements. Learn to use everything you are provided by VAS, including mines, mortars and statics. Resupply your teammates if they are stretched and you will be their hero. I should also mention that the VAS is mostly restricted to NATO items. Edit as you please. ALiVE Database persistence is not enabled - you will need to add that if you want it. Note: Initial load time is long! It does work, it just takes ALiVE a while to do its thing. If running server, the first client to connect will trigger mission load, and subsequent clients will enjoy fast load. Putting -loadMissionToMemory in your server startup parameters may help too. ASR AI3 Settings: override settings for ASR AI3 are located in init.sqf. 1.01 Mission folder zipped http://www.mediafire.com/download/lcv3jk6k7uh7w7p/AltisTotalWar.Altis.zip 1.01 Mission pbo http://www.mediafire.com/download/ar7rqw5q0v5pfo1/AltisTotalWar.Altis.pbo Changelog: 1.01 - Removed personal TS3 details from map. - Added custom objective (military camp) to Almyra airfield. - Fixed double Titan AA launchers in vehicle inventory (was meant to be an AA + AT launcher). - Removed VAS restriction on green and brown NV goggles - Increased amount of VAS custom slots to 25 1.0 - Initial release. Changes which I'd like to make but don't know how: 1. Restricting Titan launchers to the AT class. 2. Making players auto-join the BLUFOR side in lobby (issue with this is that the force assign setting messes with headless client).
  4. Well nobody has joined the server. Australia is very poor for multiplayer gaming compared to America and Europe. Our population is too small, and internet connections are not very fast. Also dedicated servers too expensive.
  5. I've just started a 16 player Australian server running the ctfx_ctf2-quake.stratis mission. Will keep it up for a few days and monitor to gauge interest for extending to longer term. The other mod I want to have servers for in Australia is BR but its restricted. I used to play CTF mode of the game Vietcong and it was a lot of fun. Eventually I will try some of the other maps you have released... hopefully you have a jungle/forest setting in there somewhere.
  6. Hi. I've just recently begun running a small server and I'm curious about how to allow players to use certain addons. On the server I run a mission that requires - CBA_A3 (which on a side note is a big headache because of uninstall issues and in-game expansion configure problems... Im just reinstalling Arma 3 now because of it!) - ALiVE - ASR_AI3 The server settings I have that are relevant to this discussion are kickduplicate = 1; verifySignatures = 2; BattlEye = 1; onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onHackedData = "ban (_this select 0)"; Currently if players dont have the necessary mods, and if they have other addons, they get kicked. But there are some mods that are okay and I dont mind people using, like sound mods. I dont want it to be required, just allowed. Kind of like a mod/addon whitelist. So what must I do to accomplish that?
  7. I'm assuming this doesnt interfere with the other entries in the init field of editor placed units? If so, great job :) Update: Just tried it. Either Im not applying it correctly or it isnt working for units with execvm's for UPS and UPS Respawn (AIvcl_respawn_UPS) in Editor inits. For infantry group leader this is the init: (group this) setVariable ["zbe_cacheDisabled",false]; nul = [this,"Molos"] execVM "ups.sqf"; For air unit group leader this is the init: (group this) setVariable ["zbe_cacheDisabled",false]; nul = [this, 4, 180, "MolosVS1","Molos"] execVM "AIvcl_respawn_UPS\AIvcl_respawn_UPS_init.sqf"; And this is the air unit group member's init: nul = [this, 4, 180, "MolosVS1","Molos"] execVM "AIvcl_respawn_UPS\AIvcl_respawn_UPS_init.sqf";
  8. zyg0tic

    Urban Patrol Script

    What should I add to the Expression field of the A3 Editor's Vehicle Respawn Module to make the respawned vehicles initialise UPS again? Sorry if this has been asked before, but my mind is fried! This is one of the only 2 things remaining for my mission to be complete, and im finding it really difficult to get clear answers (u havent found any!!!).
  9. Thanks Bhaz! Digging a little further I also found this forum post over on the ALiVE forums. Together with what you suggested I think Im sorted. Will edit with update if/when have working result. http://alivemod.com/forum/266-unable-to-add-addaction-to-spawning-units/0 Update: No success yet. Heres what Im trying on a dedicated server: In description.ext class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class O_officer_F { init = "_this call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'upgradeOfficer.sqf')"; }; }; In upgradeOfficer.sqf _this addBackpack "B_TacticalPack_ocamo"; for "_i" from 1 to 3 do {_this addItemToBackpack "RPG32_F";}; _this addHeadgear "H_HelmetLeaderO_ocamo"; _this addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_DMS"; _this addWeapon "launch_RPG32_F"; I've tried with CQB Headless Client spawned units and Zeus spawned (and maybe also custom objective infantry group spawns). Virtual AI is set to virtualise all except synced. Update: Tried every combination from my limited knowledge I thought might possibly work. Nothing has. :( I noticed in the other thread on the ALiVE forum that guy didnt find a solution either. Seems like everyone who should know is providing something that doesnt work. I know I cant rightly complain given its a free mod and all. Just that this is one of the last 3 conundrums I need to solve to complete my mission. Ive spent most of my afternoon and night trying to find working answers and its doing my head in.
  10. Thanks. However its definitly beyond my current knowledge to write a script that'll only give desired units the items. Doing some research now but no progress as yet.
  11. Oh. Has anyone managed to get in working in MP?
  12. zyg0tic

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I dont have the mod enabled in command line parameters, yet its still changed all the unit names and gives me AGM modules in the editor. What the?
  13. When using the script version (to enable server side) and adding the execVM code to the init.sqf, do I have to enclose it in 'if (IsServer)'?
  14. Question: does init.sqf scripting (executed on load of mission) effect the virtualised units? I would like to add certain items (RPGs and scopes) to every AI unit, and am concerned it wont work if theyre not spawned on mission load. ILoVE ALiVE :p
  15. zyg0tic


    Any word on the new version? Just discovered this mod and it looks great. Ive been a point and clicker and got bored of it but still wanted to use arti so was looking around for something like this. Does that error BL1P mentioned cause the mod to fail?