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  1. New Foxgaming server for Optre (the same guys who hosted the first ever optre server). IP : Port : 2302 Running a well optimized server, 27 slots. Zeus. Bring your friends!
  2. Soundcloud update: https://soundcloud.com/mcchaffe/close-quarters-halo-theme
  3. Just a heads up. Talked to Space, the hotfix will likely be delayed until tomorrow pending some work on the HEV's scripting and a few more fixes. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Had a blast with you guys, easily one of the best times I've had in Arma 3's multiplayer.
  5. For everyone who has been playing Zeus and making missions, the hotfix will include the EI soundtrack for you. Expect another 50mb+ on the download for the hotfix depending on how well it's compressed.
  6. Pelican sounds should be fixed in the next hotfix. As for the HEVs, I'm not sure, but I will ask.
  7. Sorry Spectre, but I had nothing to do with the pelican and it's sounds hahaha. I agree though. I'll pass that along.
  8. Any multiplayer servers using TEI yet?
  9. Zero and Didact, doing what they do best. Making badass textures/models.