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  1. Ok, so i'll start off saying i'm a huge noob in ArmA modding and i really want to get around to actually learning how to model and script, but i'm at point 0 at the moment. So far i wanted to do a simple mission, NATO play as a patrol and gets ambushed by some terrorists. I managed to code the patrol route and enemy AI (Even if a bit sloppy) but i wanted to do add character to my bots/players by giving them awesome looking gear and weapons, found in other mods, but i don't want my friends to have to download 19gigs of mod just to see one or two new weapons. I was wondering if it's possible to take a resource from a mod and pack to another, and if it is how one would do it - i tried to search the internet on how to do it, but they don't talk about which files are necessary for one specific resource or how can i make assets from two different mods work in one package. Thanks in advance!
  2. happylice

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    This AI Overhaul is amazing as it is! Glad that you still care about updating it though and even let us know that you'll eventually get around to it but education comes first. Awesome work and keep it up at grad school!
  3. happylice

    Laser guided artillery

    I think it's just the way targeting works with ArmA, if you're like on a tank and look at a house, it says like (2 Story Brick House) or something like that, and even if you look slightly away from it, your dynamic targeting is still looking at it because it's the closest thing, atleast that's how i think it works. Try doing that again with like, three or four vehicles relatively close together at an awkward angle. Or a vehicle close to a building or something like that. Actually i think i may try to do that myself!