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  1. Caching is by default enabled I believe (but not 100% sure) for the generator. Take a look here: It is about caching and the mission Generator. Let me know if this helps. It turns out that the maker of the mission uses automatic deleting loops so there are no objects building up, so that may be why. Thanks for answering though.
  2. Hi guys, I'm playing Whole Lotta Altis single player and decided to use MCC Sandbox to add some static weapons around certain stronghold locations. Just to test, I saved the game and then reloaded to see if my spawned object was still there and it was, but I noticed if I travel far from an object sometimes it vanishes. The MCC sandbox created defences I put around my main base have all disappeared! Same thing with objects spawned by Zeus. I realise in my noobness I must be missing something. Any help appreciated. Edit: Actually I'm beginning to wonder whether it is the Whole Lotta Altis scenario itself, as I've just checked and objects that I create through the normal buying process also disappear.
  3. Thank you for explaining it!
  4. Hi guys, I'm failing to understand something about this game which I hope someone can fill me in on. So I am playing the Dogs of War mission, where I have to capture supply depots. The problem is as soon as I do, another supply depot is recaptured back off of me. Well, that's simple, someone may answer, you just have to construct adequate defences around the captured supply depot. So I go to my outpost construction options and I have a few static weapons options, but when I create said weapon there is no one to man them! I then went to the supply depot options and I have one item I can buy, an empty UAZ. I can't buy any infantry, other vehicles, just an empty UAZ. I don't know about you guys, but an empty UAZ really isn't a practical form of defence. This can't be right, where are all my other items that I should surely be able to construct? I must have missed something.
  5. Thank you for your reply. Is there a method of entering this via MCC Sandbox or will I have to use the in-game editor to accomplish this?
  6. Greetings guys, I was wondering if some veteran on this forum could tell me how I could obtain invincibility on my squad members and certain vehicles in single player. Is it a case of having to transfer all the mission files and put them into the editor that is in the game, insert script in init field, save and put them back into the original mission folder or is there an easier way via MCC sandbox? I have heard you can do some great things like editing campaign missions with MCC Sandbox so I downloaded MCC Sandbox 2, (not 4, as I think that only works on Arma 3). I thought it might be a simple case of clicking on an existing unit via 3D editor mode and then an init field would pop up allowing me to enter the script but nothing happens when I click on a unit. I have heard of people having managed this in MCC sandbox 4 regarding Arma 3 and just wondered how to implement this in Arma 2 as the GUI is different from MCC Sandbox 4. The various scripts I have found while trawling these forums are: this addEventHandler ["handleDamage", { false }]; this addeventhandler ["hit", {(_this select 0) setdamage 0;}]; this addeventhandler ["dammaged", {(_this select 0) setdamage 0;}]; { _x allowDamage false; } forEach (units group player); { _x enableFatigue false; } forEach (units group player); player allowDamage false; player enableFatigue false; _this addEventHandler ["Fired",{[_this select 0,getNumber (configFile/"CfgAmmo"/(_this select 4)/"explosive")] spawn {if (_this select 1==1) then {sleep 0.75};_this select 0 setVehicleAmmo 1}}]; _this allowDamage false; I am just not certain how to execute them :confused:. My apologies for being a noob.