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  1. The main problem is that military vehicles are only being spawned in at roadblocks, and its the same vehicle at every single one. Even when switching the preferred force to armored or mechanized, it still does not spawn patrolling vehicles.

    I think maby you are using a insurgency faction that dont have groups set up so alive can use them. Try go in to the editor find the insurgency faction you are using and go to groups (F2) and see under the diffrent tabs Armor mechanized and so on. if you cant find anything there neither can Opcom. And the roadnlocks will only spawn with the same ish vehicle :)

  2. are you running any AI modifiers like ASR_AI and any mods on that or is that vanilla gameplay? i have NEVER been able to accomplish such feats either you have have hit BUT we are looking to start pushing for better frame rates as our group sees mid 20's with 35 in the limiter, 1500meter spawn radius and 1200 units.....civ limiter is set to 15.....@500meters and we get hammered at 25fps have moved servers with my host BlueFangSolutions already....we use ASR_AI's Newest but we tested it without it...and it didn't really make a noticeable difference in frames...so i ask because i wonder if im just doing this wrong....but by the sounds of it....im not as one guy is stating 100 in the active limiter?! i saw the insurgency mission with this release runs a 25 active limiter so ill be trying that out with his 1200 meter radius and see what happens....

    WHO IS YOUR SERVER HOST? thats intense performance man.....and are you running any AI mods? or any other mods for that matter? CSE or anything like that?

    I have to say that we are a fairly small group (8 players) so that alone will give me alot more fps. And yeah were using asr ai mod and alot of other mods (around 30). The big ones are JSRS Dragonfyre RC4, Blastcore phoenix, Rhs us and russia, ASR_AI and AGM. Im just using another computer as dedicated server sitting next to me, so far it does the job. When i do #monitor on the server we average 40fps dipping down to 30 fps if you are standing close to the ai respawn. (lots of parachutes!) This is with 40 groups on the active limiter, and 1200 spawn range, oh and i have a really low civ population for some reason they are really hard on the preformance.(Atleast for us)

    Oh and yeah like the commado said Altis is a big fps hog we stay away from that map.

    Might want to set that lower, because that's not units it's groups. You set the active limiter to 100 groups. lol

    Thats alot of fighting right there.

  3. Well you say that, ALiVE_fnc_nuke exists!

    Oh shit, did not know that! Lets hope the opcoms stay away from the nuke storage for a little while longer! :D

    What kinda in game framerate are you getting with that many units? What are people getting on maps like altis framerate wise?

    also still wondering on my multispawn squad + insertion question on previous page?

    Well regading the frames you have alot of options when it comes to ALiVE like how many active groups the opcom can have at one time (for my server the sweetspot is around 45-50), how far out the ai spawns in and so on. We tend to stay away from altis just because it is a really heavy map to run, i dont know if it is to many objects or what but on altis i would have somwhere close to 30-35 frames in kavala. Compared to duala or takistan where you have 70-90 fps. Oh and yeah the random stutters when alive is spawning units and when either side gets reinforcement.

    Cant help with multispawn :(.

    i edited the insurgency template inside the mod folder... got 800 civ placement units + 600 mil placement units + civ module > spawn @ 1500 (ground, heli, plane), CQB modules (both, civ and strategic) 600 mts spawn, active limiter to 100 units, in takistan, 30+ FPS and some stutter from time to time (this happens when alive uncache the units while im moving).

    Everything is fluid, BUT the load time makes you think that the game just crashed or something lol (took almost 10 mins to load the mission)

    Alot of the load time is because of the cqb module im guessing out of the 10 minutes 8 of them are cqb :P

    Oh and forgot to ask anyone know if it is possible to set the military sector to smaller size? 100x100m instead of 1000x1000m? (atleast that is what i think it is at now 1kmx1km)

  4. Only issue I ever had (not to say i'm important, just another player lol) and what keeps me going back and forth between Hetman and this is how Opcom always blitzes forward with no real tactics. I saw a couple of posts awhile back about how you guys intended to include some updates to the Opcom, how soon might we see those and what are the details?

    I was the one posting back a few pages about the same "problem" that you have now, i had a mission set up 50% of map was US and 50% was enemy (LOP_IT). Problem was that in matter of hours the US would obliterate all resistance and win the war, witch really is the opcoms top task. And if you look at it from a tactical view the blitz is really a very good tactic if you can pull it off and seense US have superiour units and equipment he can pull it off.

    Tried the same mission just this time i put in russians (us and russians are both from rhs), this time the fight took a while longer but still yielded the same results US won. Both sides have mil.obj and civ.obj (1200 units on both 2400 each).

    So what we did is that i reduced the force size on the US side and added more custom.obj modules to the middle of the map (as told here in the post) to get some more fighting in the center of the map. And voila the war lasted close to a week before russian reinforcement ran dry. I found out that you can fix alot by doing small tweaks to your missions.

  5. OPCOM will only use 4 to 6 groups per objective and keep the rest of his forces in reserve. If you want to create a massive melee in the middle, try placing a few of additional custom objectives around the place, leave them 'empty' and set their prior/size the same. OPCOM should start to send more groups out to 'capture' these as well as the main map objective.

    On a separate note, modern tactics actually take a lot of lessons from Blitzkrieg. Speed and aggression to get inside the enemy's OODA loop, if you must know! See recent conventional conflicts for plenty of reference material. That aside, we do plan to add some different commander personality/profiles in the future, so you could choose a more Cautious Commander or an Aggressive Impetuous one who commits all his forces at once.

    That custom object idea was great works like a charm (made me feel kinda stupid not thinking of it :P).

    The OPCOM is really good at deploying tactis, so you all did a great job of teaching them, i did a couple of priviews where i just watch from zeus to see how everything is working. And when you are using static logistics the OPCOM uses blitzkrieg tactis to get to the main supply point and capture it to "win" the war. Then i did another one with dynamic this time the OPCOM went for the biggest and kept going for the next biggest supply point until he takes them all.

    But yeah the more than one custom object made my mission the way i want it to be, now i can have both sides fight in the center with a decent force and keep on fighting to the supply limit runs out.

    Thank you! :D

  6. ALiVE is hands down one of the best mods that ever hit arma, makes mission making so much easyer you can make a playable mission in matter of minutes and of top of that you can change that mission by just syncing the opcom to diffrent stuff to change the whole way the mission work.

    On that note i have a problem that i hope somone can help me with, for some reason it looks like there are only german commanders (opcoms) because they are all using blitzkrieg tactics :confused: .

    In my mission (takistan map) i have US in the south and enemy in the north, and they are fighting for control of the central part of the map witch works, the US is also synced to the enemy base so they can attack that to, but this is where i have a problem, the US will in matter of 1 or 2 hrs have steamrolled everything and everyone. Even when i make the US only go up to ifv's and enemy have armor.

    So what i did to try to "fix" this is that i only synced both opcoms to the central civ marker so they would fight it out only in the middle of the map, but that led me to a new problem, now both opcoms use way to few units even when both are on invation. They have tons of units station inside the taof marker but dont send them out to fight. So really my question is what defines how many groups the opcom will send to attack or defend an objective? tried using custom obj. to set size and priority to 999 but didnt really do much still just sent a couple of groups.

    Im trying to set this up as a persistent mission that could be up for a couple of days without anyone "winning".

  7. You cannot get 40FPS with such settings in multiplayer.

    This depends on alot, saying that you can't get more than 40 fps in multiplayer is like telling me that i can't drive faster than 40mph.

    It all depends on the machine you have both server side and client side, if the machine is bad on the server side and good on the client side then you will have bad preformance. If the machine is bad on the client side but good on the server side you will have bad preformance but if you have good on both ends you will have good preformance. Then you have the maps in arma, like Altis is a really heavy map to run everything maxed out on, compared to say takistan witch is ported from arma 2.

    From my own experience AMD cpu's tend to need more tweaking than intel cpu's, this may not be true but it have been for me. :)