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    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Gets my vote +1
  2. Is there a quick way to check how much is left in the reinforcment pool? Somtimes after the commander have gotten more units i get a popup says 980/1000 left is there a way to see this whenever i want? PS: It now works with vanilla and RHS! Thank you!:yay::bounce3:
  3. Yeah this is what i want, will try to recreate that exact setup just to see if i might have missed somthing! Thank you. will let you know what happens :P
  4. chronicledude

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Oh man thanks for that made me turn more than five pages back! Shit hope he gets out from under all this.
  5. Anyone have a working mission where they have 3 AI commanders on field? One occupying one invasion and one assymetric? With a working reinforcement i simply can not get it to work.
  6. SpyderBlack723 Thank you! Gonna try to figure out the code option.
  7. Hey. Is it possible to let the assymetric commander get his hands on some vehicles? Might just be me that cant figure out how to give him access to it, the other commanders i just give them in the placement module. But this guy dont spawn any at all. I know he is supposed to be insurgentish, but he need's some car's and apc's. Did a quick search (almost 3am here so i might have missed it) in the post, but didn't find anything about it.
  8. chronicledude

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Where did he post this?
  9. When you run out of bad guys to shoot, you call it a day take out a beer and kick back and wait for the next war.
  10. You can tell where they are by taking a look there, if you dont want to go look after the ai you can use the TRACE system on the CQB module, that might give you a hint on where they are? Not sure how to do it better. When we play we have people moving around to check and observer. About the code thing i cant help with that. ChroincleDude.
  11. Ok so i spent the day working this, and i think i have figured it out, correct me if im way out there. (This is all with mods so this might be related to something else entirely) But from what i see with my testing on diffrent maps From Stratis, altis, chernarus and SMD Sharani. It look's like my problem with the no respawn is connected with a third AI commander. Example: RHS Us, RHS Rus and a thrid as insurgents (Tested with PG_Services and RHS Insurgents). When i add the third (asymmetric) commander and give him a area to controll or work out from, the rest stops reciving reinforcement's. When i remove him (the 3rd commander) everything starts working again. Again this is with multiple mods active not just alive and vanilla so this could be anything really. My mod list: So for now i will go back to only two commander on field that way it works, please if anyone else have the same issue and got it to work let me know? o7 ChroniceDude.
  12. This ^ That is what i thought, seense it spawns in and works with everything else it should be working :P Oh well il keep trying. ChronicleDude
  13. ALIVE is still great, just came back after an extended brake from arma and mission making, so i decided to see whats what with ALIVE, made a mission and everything seems to run smooth until i leave it on over night. When i came back i see there is almost no forces left on both sides. What i found out after some testing was that the Military Logistics modul wont work with RHS (rhs_faction_usarmy_wd), whenever i run the test script nothing happens. When i run the script with BLU_F i get new units from the skies :D! So all i change is the force faction from RHS to Vanilla and i get units? Test script Any clues anyone? I really hope to keep playing with RHS vanilla can't even come close. Any answers is really appreciated ;) ChronicleDude.
  14. Sorry for the late reply! Works like a charm now! Thank you :)
  15. Did a test on my dedi today just to check out the server preformance module, and war room. But when i checked warroom i only had a white page. What i did, placed down all the alive modules like i have on all missions then checked that the module was active (server preformance). I have the newest update of alive, alive server and cba. Still just the white page with all the descriptions under it. i get the loading bar but no graph. But when i was working with it i remmebered reading somwhere that i had to have two or more players for it to be active? Is this correct?