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  1. I can't find an answer for this one. If I select to disable the weapon crosshair in the difficulty settings, I still get crosshairs in vehicles with weapons (like the Wildcat or Pawnee helicopters). Is there any way to turn off crosshairs in vehicles as well as on-foot?
  2. forklifthat

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Not here just to complain (although a little complaining does feel good), I've got a tip I haven't seen elsewhere yet. First, my specs (it's an iMac but I dualboot Windows): Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4GHz (quad-core w/ hyperthreading, but cannot overclock) 32GB DDR3-1600 RAM 1TB Fusion Drive (SSD & regular hard drive) GeForce GTX 680MX w/ 4GB 2560x1440 monitor The tip I have is to set texture sampling to 88% or 83% and then set the Sharpen Filter in post-processing to a much higher level. It's not really noticeable at 88% and is definitely acceptable at 83%, and it gives me better framerates. I figured if setting texture sampling above 100% (who can do that?!) raises CPU usage, setting it lower should do the opposite and give me some headroom for when I don't want to do missions as a lone wolf. I did almost everything in the guides: enabling hyperthreading, disabling core parking, lowering view distance, etc. and still only got about 25 fps when AI on screen were 4 or fewer. With texture sampling at 88% and the sharpen filter around 125, I can get 30-35 with AI on screen. I know a 1440p monitor is more graphics intensive, but my graphics card is solid. Sometimes I set it to 1080p and deal with blurriness or run in a window. I don't recommend setting view distance really high and then objects to just 800 unless you're in a city or playing multiplayer (I hate multiplayer games). I usually set both to 2600 or put view distance on 3800 and objects on 2800, depending on what kind of day ARMA 3 is having. [Here's the rant part I just have to type, but nobody needs to read. I'll be reasonable.] It's incredibly frustrating to have eight usable cores when very few games use them. I was excited when I heard ARMA 3 did hyperthreading, but disappointed when I found out how poorly it does it. I'm not saying programming a game is easy, but I'm also not the one who decided to make a living off of it, nor am I the one who decided this game is done and ready to be sold. AI programming is difficult, sure, but if they saw how much of an impact AI had on performance, it seems like they should've either made the AI less intelligent (although it's already breathtakingly stupid) or put some sort of limit on how many AI could be in a scene or on the island. What's the point of a huge island if you can't even play with three fully-manned FOBs? Anyway, I'm a helicopter/artillery kind of player, so I need high visibility and for the cockpit, effects, ground, and buildings to look good. It's not an easy balance.
  3. What's the "Burst" text in the artillery computer for? It's always 1. It seems like it could be useful for large-spread artillery solutions to have the computer automatically fire a certain number of rounds, one after another. That would let me use a UAV or something to see the impact (I love watching artillery hit, for one). Is there any function associated with "Burst"?
  4. forklifthat

    Version 1.40 features

    Thanks for clearing that up, and thanks for the link to the wiki.
  5. It was my understanding that version 1.40 would include weapon resting/bipods, the ability to use suppressive fire, a fix for mortars killing their own gunners, and changes to the recoil system. As far as I can tell, the only change is in weapon sounds, and I can't say it's a big one. I was really looking forward to weapon resting and suppressive fire (and realistic sounds for suppressed weapons).
  6. forklifthat

    Weapon sounds not syncing up

    I don't run any sound mods. I put the one in which removed the clicks, but then I uninstalled it. And it's all guns, even when I am running totally vanilla ARMA. I'm glad to hear it's in an upcoming patch, though. Consider the issue solved until 1.40 comes out, I suppose. Thanks!
  7. I've checked everywhere on the internet and found only one other person who seems to have asked about my problem. With weapons, most of the time I shoot, there's a slight delay between the click of the receiver and the blast of the shot. Rather than a shot sounding like "POW!", it sounds like "Chick-POW!" or sometimes "Chi-clack-POW!". It also causes problems when firing on burst or automatic. I'll fire a three-round burst, for example, and only hear two gunshots. The only time it doesn't seem to be out-of-sync is if I fire single shots in quick succession, but that might just be the sound of the first shot covering up the sound of the click from the next. The place where I saw it brought up mentioned something about "preloading lag", but didn't say how to fix it and seems to have gone dormant. I downloaded a mod which removes the click from the receiver and that made the gunshots more clear, but there is still a delay between the mouse click and the sound of the gunshot. The muzzle flash is in-sync, but not the sound. I've tried adjusting audio options in the game, adjusting some of the settings through the launcher, and updating all my drivers, but nothing seems to help. Even disabling antivirus and running in administrator mode don't do anything. What's more, it's only the sound of the shot that is ever delayed - I have no other auditory anomalies. Here are my specs: Intel Core-i7 3770 @ 3.4GHz (quad-core with hyperthreading) 32GB DDR3-1600 RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX (2GB mobile chip) Windows 7, fully updated Steam, fully updated ARMA 3, fully updated Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I can provide any sort of extra information you might need. It's not an error, so I figured an error log wouldn't help at all.
  8. forklifthat

    Russia General

    http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/putins-way/ That's a Frontline episode (one of America's few investigative journalism sources) about how Vladimir Putin runs Russia. It's highly illuminating and presents an extremely controversial theory which actually has a lot to back it up. Frontline isn't known for presenting crackpot theories, so if they talk about something, you can be sure there's some truth to it. It's a very interesting program and I suggest any Russia-watchers check it out.
  9. forklifthat

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    I'd like to add my voice to this subject. Daesh is not an analogue for Al-Qaeda, mostly because they have different ways of operating. AQ conducts isolated terrorist attacks and supports those in rebellion against governments they dislike. They operate within various countries, especially where the local authorities are unwilling or unable to remove them. AQ isn't interested in building a country. Daesh is. They operate mostly within Syria and Iraq in order to take territory and claim statehood. Daesh uses the territory it gains to support itself, unlike AQ, which relies on donors and "volunteers". The biggest difference is that Daesh has been providing services for the people in its area of control, attempting to mimic the functions of legitimate governments. While AQ & Daesh both share a common goal of creating a violent caliphate (the concept of which they have, characteristically, grossly distorted), and both attempt to do so with outrageously extreme tactics and a strategy based simply on the destruction of their perceived enemies, that does not make them analogues. Instead, Daesh is more similar to the Taliban. Both attempt to control a geographic region as a state and both share the same extremist views. It's important to see a link with the Taliban rather than AQ. If Daesh were simply a terrorist organization, we would recognize them as a primary threat to "the West" and simply try to destroy them. But Daesh is not a direct threat to "the West" any more than the Taliban were. The Taliban and Daesh are indirect threats, dangerous because of their ability to motivate violence around the world, but also dangerous because of the fact that territory they control would essentially be friendly to terrorist organizations. The Taliban didn't plan 9/11, but they allowed AQ to plan it because of the type of state they created. This is the real danger people outside of the region face: not a more powerful terrorist group, but another destabilizing influence which supports that sort of lawlessness.
  10. forklifthat

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    I hate forums, but I have a troubleshooting question I need answered and it's the only place to do it. So here's my introduction, because I need five posts to prove I'm not here to just randomly post stuff. My name is Andrew. Consider me introduced. I'm antisocial. That's three, unless my other posts get taken down for sarcasm. Any other place I can post two more so I can get my question answered? Or maybe someone nice could just ask me a few questions and then I can answer them here for a higher count.
  11. forklifthat

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Nevermind the question, just read back a couple pages. Why are all the people on these forums so snarky? Does this post count as number two because I'm answering my own question, or will both of them get deleted because I complained about the snark? Sorry, that's sarcastic. But seriously, I just have a question I need answered, I'm not a spam bot. Can I get the post-count waived or something?
  12. forklifthat

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    I just registered for the forums about 15-20 minutes ago to post in the troubleshooting section for a question I haven't seen before, but in Posting Permissions at the bottom-right of the page, it says, "You may not post new threads," even though I'm logged in. I have activated my account and checked the Agree box in Forum Rules and still cannot post new threads. It's not just Troubleshooting, either - it's everywhere. Some places I can post replies, but not all. Is it because I'm a new user? If so, could a mod make it so that I can post new threads for Troubleshooting?