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    Desert OPS Run II - Close Quarters

    Gunter, Enjoying the mission. We are unable to complete the mission, despite destroying all caches, killing the required players. The mission "resets" the caches and marks the Commander as still alive. These all re-appear in the Task section. Additionally the AI respawn seems a bit OP. Any tips? https://discord.gg/YykFKFk https://www.kapitolgaming.com/ OZPAX
  2. Gunter - Outstanding! The Mod is working as expected on the dedicated server. Thank you for your prompt action. BTW perhaps you might want to check some of the links on the Steam Page for the Mod, some links are throwing a 404 error. KG_CAS is the Kapitol Gaming admin account, you may recall me (OZPAX) from Battle Royale days. As a fellow dev, please pass on my thanks (and the thanks of our little band of not very serious A3 players) for an exceptional mod. We use this mod with the S.O.G. DLC and it adds an element of realism that makes that game mode so very much more enjoyable & immersive. Well done to all.