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  1. Thanks for the replies fellas, I'll take a look at both. However, I'm totally familiar with the Zeus controls, I will read the manual still. The thing is I'd like to be able to move things with absolute precision, get the perfect immersive base design. I am an absolute perfectionist when it comes to construction :).
  2. Hi there, I'm currently trying to build a base using Zeus. I've familiarised myself with it as of today, so I'm a little fresh with it's functionality. As I say I'm only interested in trying to build a base as the server which I frequent is allowing a friend and I to create a base using Zeus and then have it implemented into the server map permanently. My problem lies in placing things at certain angles, I'd like to be able to place items at least 45 degree variants, if not 90 and I can do the rest by eye. Is there any function which would allow me to do this? If not, does anyone any tips or suggestions that might help me out? :) Thanks in advance, and I'm glad to finally join the forums, I've only been playing Bohemia games for 6 years! P.S I tried using the 2d editor for this purpose, it wasn't effective.
  3. Dei

    DG British Armed Forces

    Very cool, will be downloading and testing presently. I love the colour scheme of everything. As an avid Brit-milsim player, this is invaluable. Thank you.
  4. Well, that explains it. Serves me right for skim reading the forum rules. I read the important things, but skimmed a few of the lesser points like avatar sizes.. and this titbit apparently. Thanks for posting thread, I was getting somewhat frustrated. Edit - I can't believe that I've been playing the ARMA series for 5 years and I've never made a forum profile!
  5. Hey, thanks very much for this, saved me a google or two. :)