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  1. Hello, i heard there was a tool that i could use to unlock and change what a truck/car would have on it. So say for example, i want to add 50 cal. to a UAZ i could do it with that tool.....anybody know what this tool is could be called
  2. officermills

    Getting kicked into the lobby

    Ok, i guess i might start from scratch and rebuild the mission
  3. officermills

    Getting kicked into the lobby

    I took the addon out of the mission.Sqm, and now all the building on the map vanished. Could this happen if i dont reorder the dependencies in the mission.sqm
  4. officermills

    Getting kicked into the lobby

    i took the building it says it is out of the mission and out of the addons and that did not solve it. And it still says its in the mission knowing i removed the building.
  5. officermills

    Getting kicked into the lobby

  6. officermills

    Getting kicked into the lobby

    If i run it off my PC, i dont get any script errors or kicks, but if i run it on the box, i get a script error and a kick. I tested it earlier today
  7. officermills

    Getting kicked into the lobby

    It doesn't pop up until the very end
  8. officermills

    Getting kicked into the lobby

    I know when i try joining it spams my screen with missing a script for a building which i have looked all over for, and cant find it
  9. Okay, I got my server up and running. But when ever we try to login into the mission to play it, we get kicked back into the lobby...Has anybody ever heard of this before
  10. How would i make a server if i used www.chicagovps.net or vsnx.net one of there dedicated Server box package?
  11. okay, I have changed the names of cars in the config folders, but when i start up a LAN server, the stuff i edited in the config file did not change on the server, And yes i did save the configs and repacked the addon. For example a instead of a car saying SUV, it says Tahoe when you see it in the menu. *For Arma 2 Island life
  12. officermills

    Finding a Server Hoster

    Not to sure if this goes here but if it does not, i will move it. I want to find a server hosting company that can host my server on 1.62, due to the fact that the scripts work better in 1.62 and there is less lag
  13. I want to make an island life server on a custom map, but not to sure what files i would need to make the server work, like the car shops, the ATM's and other stuff like that. I know other people use the TGM emita server file to run there emita maps, but is there a way to take files from there and set them up on my map of choice?
  14. officermills

    Civ menu for cops

    Thanks for the help Mirek