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  1. Thanks to the community, Bohiemia could learn alot from these mods that vastly improve ARMA. The developers should work with the modders to future enhance these mods and integrate them seamlessly into ARMAs default engine Authentic Gameplay Modification (AGM) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25779 The AGM mod tries to achieve the maximum amount of authenticity possible in Arma 3 without sacrificing playability. REMOVES slugglish gameplay features and gives players more control of gameplay such as interaction menus (como rose) Keys - Enhanced Interaction System http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23304 An addon aimed at improving the way the player interacts with everything in ArmA. This is done with either scripting or modifications to the existing system. This is Part 1, which improves and reduces the number of actions that are available to a player. Many actions have been removed from the "action menu" and replaced with simple key strokes. It also makes configuring and referencing of the keyboard commands easier with the use of proper labeling and grouping. ---------- Post added at 18:25 ---------- Previous post was at 18:23 ---------- ---------- Post added at 18:34 ---------- Previous post was at 18:25 ----------
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    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    In single player and certain missions, healing and placing explosives interfere with completing objective and advancing game forward.. Please more single player support
  3. FixArma3

    Keys - Enhanced Interaction System

    this needs to be stickied and patched into ARMA 3 default should be standard dead to action menu Bohemia needs to make this games default system learn from the modders !
  4. Yes more efforct needs to be placed on the GPU side for this game and make the game perform across all cpu cores