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  1. claimed fine. clicked play. brought me to website. clicked SP. load about 25% of the way and just stopped and the bar is not progressing what so ever ? anyone else having this issue ?
  2. i honestly dont get what this is for, i can ask my alliance for donations which i understand the premise of. but when viewing info on my alliance building i see i have 2x smart bombs. but i dunno how to claim them or WTH to do with them. anyone got any info that could help me here ?
  3. rokeugon

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    yeah i can semi-agree with this! obviously you get the best FPS while playing SP. but SP or MP it makes no difference you still see the FPS issues either way! since APEX introduced a new LOD system thats supposed to be smooth and render in better i find it actually makes FPS worse! an Altislife Server that ive played on for many months now. after the APEX update ive notice the game has significantly worse FPS. when i alt tab i see the game is barely using any ram! i have given the game in parameters 2048MB's of ram so it can better utlize my ram but instead of the 1.5-2GB that i still have at disposal! instead it still decides to chug along with 500-700MB's of ram! the before and after APEX is very clear that APEX (PERSONALLY) screwed with my FPS entirely! im encountering massive FPS drops and Lockups / freezes and on a wasteland server that ive played on for months i can only play for maybe 30-40 minutes straight before encountering major dips in FPS and it simply becomes unplayable and im unable to defend myself let alone my team. however thats not me saying that i dont get the odd dips in FPS while still playing within those 30 minutes or so! The game simply wont utilize my ram what so ever! and its quite frankly Pissing me off! the noticeable difference in FPS before and after APEX is a huge margin at least for me.
  4. rokeugon

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    i posted about this on the windows 10 forums but sadly nothing helpful has been posted! im trying to diagnose and sort this problem im having when playing KOTH or even Wasteland etc etc i dunno whats happening but it completely messes up my FPS! causing major stuttering and freezing for a couple of seconds as well as my FPS dipping from the 40-ish area to 12-16-22 etc, i cant play for more than 30-40 minutes straight without encountering the problem! here is a snippet of what happens when my performance dips in A3 as you can see my hard drive is taken over by system (PID 4) and other background / normal processes like taskhostw.exe etc and i dunno why this is! majority of other games i play im completely fine wtih... however with arma i have problems! and considering arma is CPU and Hard disk Heavy, i kinda need all that performance in order to maintain 60+FPS anyone got any tips in order for this to stop ?
  5. i dunno whats happened but after the APEX update ive notice my game starts losing performance alot after an hour of playing or so! i can happily play with 50-80FPS with my specs on medium / low but after apex im all on low because my FPS decides to jump around and stutter like hell! my game usually uses around 1.1GB - 1.5GB's of ram but for some reason when i alt tab i see its only using around 500-700MB's ??? can someone help me out here and distinguishing the problem and fixing it ? this problem especially becomes apparent in MP servers like wasteland / Altis life / KOTH Specs: Intel i3 540 @ 3.07GHZ (can overclock to 3.5GHz but noticed nothing different in performance for arma after apex release) 4GB's Ram Nvidia Geforce GTX650ti Seagate 1TB (7200RPM) 1680x1050 All low settings 1100 draw distance 900 object render distance
  6. well ive managed to fix the problem. however it came at some serious loss. all my squad mates that where all 100 magically died.. ive lost all vehicles that where guarding my main base and now after playing for a little bit and starting to finally get prestige rolling in. my bases keep getting hit because i cant effectively place AI defenses where i would like them to be. @Saok Please can you consider adding another slider to base building at such high altitudes. adding another slide axis that will allow you to bring the placed object closer to you or further away! because i cant effectivly place anything at such high builds because in order to move things closer to you. you have to click the "Move" UI button and that resets youre altitude slider back to 0 and the problem repeats until you give up and rely purely by luck/ chance! also the AI guards are kinda broke. i was expecting a placement icon sort of like AI turrets. but nothing shows! this will allow for more enriched base building for those like myself that want everything perfect :P also considering AI is dumb, if the base is in a rockey area you want vantage points in a high situated area. but i cant get a turret that high cause i can never see where exactly im place or how high the thing is when i place a large watch tower! also to simplify things for you and to make mostly everyone happy. cant special structures and everything else that does not get removed when you click "Undo obj" be added to the pool please cause you end up placing a special structure incorrectly and you hit undo obj but you find it removes half your base barricades etc ? :S would also help if special structures had visible models so as to see which way they are facing correctly etc! i really want to love this scenario but half the time it becomes annoying trying to deal with the problems that ruin the experience and end up moving onto something else or MP! these changes would be a first step in making the game even more remarkable! because due to tanoa being on a rocky volcano type land mass which has alot of hills etc. people will most likely try building and place stuff at high altitudes!
  7. well you said it yourself you are playing on the tanoa version. meanwhile im playing on altis! so have you actually played on the altis version ? cause they are 2 different things thats like my saying i have a bug on this game but another person comments saying they have never experienced that but thats cause they are on a different version of the game compared to you! the tanoa version is more recent and up to date than the altis one is. so unless your playing on the altis you cant really say that its not happening to you. when we aren't even playing on the same map
  8. ah! well im on stable as shown via the SS that i provided in my previous post!
  9. and by dev branch you mean just the regular game ? cause i dont see any options to opt into a dev only branch of the game unless you mean that the dev branch is the stable open release then yes thats what im on atm! but yeah i really dunno at this point!. seems to work fine in other scenario's but i need to do more testing to figure out exactly whats happening.
  10. might need to be a little more specific. :D what doesn't happen to you ?
  11. rokeugon

    [SP] Aggressive Negotiations

    grats on your first scenario! may you learn and succeed for the future to come :)
  12. it would be nice if we can see an update to this... id love to play it more often but its such a small area and it restricts you in what you can. would be nice if we could at least pilot a helicopter or something!
  13. yeah everything is updated and i have the WLA addon enabled via the arma 3 launcher! this issue only appears to happen after loading a save game file after the point when ive build 4 tents and going to destroy the AA for extra supplies... also kinda sucks how you cant control the stomper but you can control a darter! only saying this the now cause i seen you are porting this over to tannoa. and well in order for it to be more enjoyable there it would be best to make improvements and fix alot of issues! also can you please add display models for special structers ? cause its kinda hard to place them with just an invisible model and a wireframe box. especially if you are trying to minimize wasted space!
  14. i seem to have a problem when loading an auto save or a user save either one... the game bugs out and the map displays no tasks / teammates assigned to my squad! is there a debug code to fix this problem ? -----UPDATE-----