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  1. The doors provide almost zero ballistic protection, so they remove them in order to decrease weight and improve pilot visibility.
  2. This is exactly how it should be as far as I'm concerned. Giving away your position with lights is never a smart idea when you are using darkness to mask your movements.
  3. Will you set up the helos to have a randomly generated flight number on the glass since having two of the same helos is a bit immersion breaking, and are there any plans to remove the doors from the MH-60s? "I hopped into Super Six-Four, settled into the right seat, and harnessed up. The doors had been removed, because they provided no ballistic protection anyway and when the dust kicked up you could see better if you could just look down." - Michael J. Durant (In The Company Of Heroes Page 11) The progress is looking great guys, keep it up! Heres a few more recent reference photos as well.
  4. This mod is fantastic with the variety of vehicles it adds into ArmA 3, however I've noticed a few bugs while using the SOV HMMWV's in the pack and will list them below. First, it was mentioned a few months back that the Tan SOVs all show as Woodland when in Driver, Gunner, and Front Gunner and this still persists. Second is an issue relating to the Drivers position. The steering wheel turns the complete opposite direction of what would be normal for a vehicle. This one isn't the end of the world, but its a bit immersion breaking none the less. Lastly, there is an issue that pops up while in any FFV position of the HMMWV, and it has an image to show it below. It seems that the interior and the front of the vehicle completely disappear while in these positions and in first person. This isn't a problem for most people since they can just swap to third person and it goes away, but my unit plays exclusively in first person and it is quite noticeable and immersion breaking. If these were already known issues I apologize, but I figured I should post about it just in case it has slipped through somehow.
  5. If you want some pilots gear like that you can use TRYKs, it provides both.
  6. Has this had any more consideration put into it? Both the DAP and the AH-6 use laser sighting for night operations so that they can get rounds on target every time. I'm unsure of the laser model that would currently be implemented, but here's the old AIM-1 that was used on basically every gunship in service after the 160th proved its worth.
  7. The DAGR that is being added will obviously need to follow the same format, so the Copilot should have plenty to manage on his end. Looking forward to the next update gentlemen, this mod is above and beyond the rest as far as I'm concerned. :)