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  1. How do you begin adding Custom Cars? Custom Guns? How do you add things like if you were to make something for altis life like a hitman system, add in custom crops to harvest so on? I am willing to learn because i am somewhat young and this stuff interests me for the future.
  2. JuanCholo

    Map Not in Game?

    I sent my map through the addon builder and then i get the pbo, i throw it in a addons folder in a folder i made called @michigan and then i load it up in arma 3 and i cant find it in the editor or anything. What am i doing wrong? Here are all my files and what not. Folders - 3 Images http://imgur.com/Mnek1ET,xEkV7iA,0w2Bplk Layers.cfg http://pastebin.com/505qC3ku Clutter http://pastebin.com/vmAURzGA Surfaces http://pastebin.com/ecMYdi67 config http://pastebin.com/Qx0HgWwe grass_green.rvmat http://pastebin.com/KqFR7NLu beach.rvmat http://pastebin.com/PTmLYuuY
  3. JuanCholo

    Map Not in Game?

    Hmm i tried fixing those things, but you are right that's not the current issue. If you have any other suggestions say so, if not ima just play around with this and see if i can get it to work.
  4. JuanCholo

    Map Not in Game?

    What am i doing wrong?
  5. JuanCholo

    Map Not in Game?

    I got to, https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/pboProject , and i download everything that is needed. At the top it says "The self installer ensures that this tool is integrated with other Mikero PboTools. It is not designed for manual installation." Where is the self installer? I cant find a link.
  6. JuanCholo

    Map Not in Game?

    Thank you for all the help, when i find time i will correct these and see how it comes out!