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  1. Latest Version: v0.924 (July 3rd) Download from GitHub Download from ArmaHolic Previous releases: GitHub Overview Altis has fallen to the CSAT forces, and it's up to you to take it back. Embark with your teammates on a persistent campaign that will span several weeks of real time to liberate all the major cities of the island. Experience a massive CTI campaign with over 150 different capturable settlements across the entire island, Cooperate with 0 to 40 other players, with a commander role and recruitable AI troops to fill the gaps, Buy troops and vehicles using three different types of resources, Build the FOB of your dreams with an ingame "what you see is what you get" system, Fight aggressive and cunning hostile forces who react and adapt to your actions, Learn that every window is a threat thanks to the custom urban combat AI, Accomplish meaningful secondary objectives that will benefit your progression, Never lose your progress with the built-in server-side save system. How to play / How to start Tutorial video by Phlonk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC9sk7AzHAY Wiki by Bramjam: http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/GREUH_Liberation_Wikia Bug reports It's a beta, things will break :) If you encounter a bug and want it looked into, you should be providing: SERVER LOGS (rpt files), Client logs (rpt files - one is fine, more is better), Headless client(s) logs, if applicable, Version of the mission you've been using, Modifications you've made to the original mission files, if any, Mods you're using, if any, Screenshots showing the issue, if applicable, Reproduction steps, if applicable. The more the better, fixing broken stuff is easy, reproducing issues is tough, and that's where you can really help! Follow the development > Trello You can follow the progress and see the upcoming features on Trello. If you create an account (for free) you can comment and vote, so feel free to help us prioritize the upcoming features ;) > GitHub The mission is published under the MIT license, so you can modify and redistribute it with no limitation as long as you credit me and don't hold me liable for anything. You can make the modifications you want, adding more mods for example. You can even participate in the development by submitting your own pull requests for fixes and features. > Twitter I'll be tweeting about releases and other important infos about the project, but nothing too spammy. Thanks Bohemia Interactive Studios for making such an awesome software, Farooq for FAR Revive, Jus61 and Nic547 for the German translation, Phlonk and Braghee from AUGamers for all the late night testing and their tutorial videos, Bramjam for the wiki and beta-testing effort, Larrow for his arsenal blacklist script, Aeroson for his loadout saving/loading scripts, Quiksilver for his cleanup script, Regiregi22 for the Spanish translation, All the beta testers for their invaluable feedback and bug reports. Liberation Youtube Playlist
  2. Everything you add to the classnames extension file will appear in the build menu, even if you don't restart the campaign. And vice versa, removing from this file an entry that's present in the save (for instance, a vehicle stationned near a FOB when you stopped the server) will only cause it to dissapear on the next reload. The only thing that requires a campaign restart is the association between elite vehicles and military bases. Since it's done at the start of a new campaign, any elite vehicle you add without restarting the campaign will be immediately available to build. Hope it helps!
  3. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I'm still not playing Arma at all (last proper session was in january this year), still tired of dealing with all the glitches, fps issues and weird AI problems that Arma scripting always involves, still have very few motivated people to play with, still playing other games (trying and mostly succeeding to git gud at Overwatch). The recent purchase of a rift has made it even worse as Arma is the only simulation I'm playing that's not fully compatible with it (and even if it was, it wouldn't be playable anyways due to very low fps). I feel bad about leaving you guys stuck in the mud like that, but if feels too much of a hassle to do anything about it.
  4. It allows you to play as OPFOR without having to edit all 200 occurences of the side names in the scripts. Since you'll be playing units on the east side, it's a lot better if your friendlies are also spawned on the east side, and ennemies on the west side. That's what the variable does. So yep technically sector defenders will be OPFOR, even if you leave them with the standard NATO classnames (you'll get nato units on EAST side) So far it's only been useful for people who want to play the campaign as russian RHS units. It would also work for CSAT but no one has made such an edit yet afaik That "memory leak" issue seems to happen on a wide variety on missions when there's a lot of AI units around, and indeed it requires to restart the entire game to get back an acceptable frame rate. Constant loops (neverending with no delay or stopping condition) are indeed a problem, and this is not the case for the one you're talking about ;) Not saying I've got it right 100% but I've tracked down every loop that could become a performance problem Back when I was on the arma discord it was an endless topic of argument... Also the reason why some loops are doubled is because at some point it seemed like some servers managed to exit while { true } loops after 30+ hours of playing but I wasn't able to prove that, so it might well be useless
  5. Hey icebreakr, happy to see you here, I've enjoyed playing on your custom islands since forever. The issue you're encountering happens occasionally on some servers and/or some variations of the mission, and because I've never managed to reproduce it on my end, I've put a truckload of log traces to track it down. If you have the rpt logs of your server when the issue was happening, that could help a lot. 300 to 450 vehicles on the HC that's having an issue, that might be the problem. You should have one rpt log per HC, I'd be happy to see the one with very low fps and very high vehicle count in the traces (one performance log trace every 60 seconds or so)
  6. You may modify the value of GRLIB_save_key in gameplay_constants.sqf to avoid this issue I've looked into other ways of saving stuff with Arma script but didn't find any that would work without installing a 3rd party mod
  7. Original resistance are the classnames that get custom loadouts when spawned, such as crappier gear and flashlights in vanilla, or crappy AKs from RHS weapons when RHS is loaded
  8. Yep there's some invisible objects around the LHD that are useful for the scripts, and they're moved to the land base if you don't have the LHD mod loaded, so removing everything around the LHD will break things. The mission already does that for you anyways ;) I was considering removing the LHD altogether in the next version, since the mod isn't supported anymore, and it seems very few people actually use it. That would make everything simpler. Also yep the land base was manually done in the editor, so if you leave blufor units around it while playing opfor, they'll try to shoot you Anything in your rpt logs?
  9. v0.924 is out Added search and rescue secondary mission, Added a civilian killing penalty which can be disabled in the mission parameters (thanks to Wyqer for this one), Added a new parameter to limit the amount of AI each squad leader can recruit, Fixed the error message when opening the deployment screen for the first time, Fixed the fullscreen deployment map being offset, Fixed the bug where militias wouldn't be given a gear to fight with, Added the value of friendly and hostile sides in gameplay constants, that should make playable opfor edits much easier to do. Savegame format didn't change so you can revert to v0.923 if anything goes sideways (see the original post for previous releases).
  10. Overview ClashPoint is the closest equivalent to an instant action feature in Arma 3. It's the fastest way to go from the main menu to a cool firefight! You can play the way you want: solo, coop or PvP. Features - Fight to control the ClashPoint in dynamically generated infantry firefights on numerous different locations all around Altis and Kunduz, - You can choose to play solo, coop, PvP, and the mission will adapt to the number of players, - You can play the mission as a singleplayer scenario (you will join AI forces), on a local server, or dedicated server, - Revive/respawn system based on Farooq's revive that also works in solo play (which means dying in solo doesn't end the mission), - Motorized reinforcements and close air support to help the losing team and even out the fight, - Spawn protection to discourage those nasty spawn campers, - Cool killfeed that displays all your bragging rights! Download Latest version: 1.5 (April 17th 2016) Steam workshop: Altis Kunduz MPMissions pbo: Altis Kunduz Kunduz version requires RHS and Leights Opfor Pack. And of course Kunduz :) You are free to modify the mission and especially port it to other maps, and/or use whatever mods you like (hint: classnames.sqf). It works great with RHS :) Enjoy!
  11. You can already replace the opfor paratrooper classname and chopper classnames to anything you'd like, including RHS units and others, the paradropping should work just fine (as long as the paratrooper unit has a parachute in their standard loadout :p)
  12. By default that's what you get (if you don't modify arsenal.sqf)
  13. If you restart your server and no FOB exists in the savegame, it will create the starting FOB box for you. So in your case and unless there's another issue I don't see, you should only need a simple host reboot That's a good point, you can create your virtual arsenal loadouts on another mission and load them regardless of what the whitelist says. Same for deployable weapons. I'd need to check every item in each loadout against the whitelist, not sure if it can be done
  14. You guys are posting much faster than I can follow :D Thanks to all of you who know how things work and answer most of the questions, much appreciated :) I'm currently busy with irl issues and I can't do much about the mission, however I'm not taking back any promises about what will be done with 1.0 (including 2 more secondary missions), it's only a question of when
  15. I didn't look into it but I'm going to guess that the class hierarchy in RHS doesn't match the vanilla game at all, since all the stuff that inherits from Car, Tank and Air will get a bounty
  16. If you've lost your progress with A3 v1.58, please check all *.vars.Arma3Profile files on your server. Maybe the old file is still around and you can restore it.
  17. There seems to be an issue with the "opfor infantry killed" stats, though
  18. zbug

    [SP/MP] ClashPoint

    Nope, you won't have more than 100 AI troops at any given time, so HC support wouldn't improve anything
  19. zbug

    [SP/MP] ClashPoint

    v1.5 is out for both Altis and Kunduz (see first post for download links) Changelog: Updated FAR revive and GREUH extended options with the latest versions, New arsenal UI that allows to quickload, define a respawn loadout, or copy the loadout from another player, New extended option to enable player nametags, Map markers have been improved, New respawn option to take the place of the nearest AI group member, AI groups with only a few remaining members will attempt to fusion with other groups, New mission parameter to disable the ingame stamina system, AI skills, weapon sway and weapon recoil have been tweaked.
  20. The ammo bounties mission parameter has to be enabled. If you have modified anything in the mission I suggest checking the error logs. You can change the composition of the premade squads in classnames_extension.sqf, they're called blufor_squad_inf, blufor_squad_at and so on Adding new pre-mades squads to the build menu can't be handled with sqf alone, as it requires to localize the name of those squads (can't extract that from the config) That's what the Zeus command does when a player uses it, it sends a ping to Zeus. That would mean your commander guy isn't linked to the Zeus module in the editor. Anything you've changed in the mission? The whitelist is working, since it would kick you out of that slot otherwise, Zeus or not. 1- That would require a new mission parameter, is it really needed? 2- If you're using the vanilla classname you'll have to modify the price in classnames.sqf. Otherwise it's just where you added it (so I suppose you're using the vanilla classname)
  21. Not finished yet Emptying the elite_vehicles arrays both in classnames.sqf and classnames_extension.sqf should do the trick, although I didn't test it. You may need to start a new campaign once it's done 1) It doesn't matter since the last version, you need at least one though 2) Nope, and I'll have it removed in the next version (removed all of these a while ago except one, apparently)
  22. v0.923 is out Changelog: Hostile reinforcements may now include paratroopers if the alert level is high enough. Various tweaks regarding difficulty and especially battlegroups spawning rules, random attacks may be more frequent now. Fixed the bug where the map markers of dead players, dead vehicles and discarded parachutes wouldn't be removed as expected. Savegame compatible, feel free to revert to v0.921 if the new version isn't working as expected.
  23. Read here (the part about parameters) : http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/Server_Admin
  24. startgame.sqf, line 25, put the value you want into _spawnplace
  25. Just tested it with Atlas mod, no issue. Any edit you've done on your end? Activate the "show script errors" parameter and/or look into your rpt logs to see which script is crashing during mission init and why it crashes I just tried and it works as expected. That part of your code seems correct too, maybe the classnames don't exist or the problem is elsewhere? gameplay_constants.sqf, edit the value of GRLIB_fob_range