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  1. I'll be moving to a new place next week, and I'll have no stable internet for a bit (shouldn't be more than a week or two). Thus the dev will be on hiatus for the next two weeks or so. This is why I tried to correct all the major issues with savegame corruptions and such before going away, and I'm glad it's mostly done by now. When I return the focus will be on new features, and first, the secondary objectives.
  2. This is on purpose, the fob isn't linked to the main building, otherwise it would be way too easy to grief. Fobs can be captured by CSAT just like sectors.
  3. - I'll add the hostiles arrays in the next version - I don't reproduce this issue, I can recycle AAF vehicles just fine. Could you please provide me with more precise reproduction steps and/or log files?
  4. v0.914 is out Changelog: Corrected a savegame corruption case that could occur when the clients and server didn't have the same mods loaded. Added a new classnames extension file that allows you to add new items to the build menu without having to deal with the usual conflicts and merge issues in the main classnames file. Added AAF vehicles to the build menu, and tweaked the mission to make sure those vehicles will appear as friendly.
  5. Yep there's a good chance your client and server mods don't match, that's how the bug happens. It will be corrected in the upcoming version (in just a few hours for basic tests) In the meantime you can log on your server as admin, open the console (escape) and server exec this code: resources_ammo = 1000; (or whatever amount closer to your old value. Or whatever you want really :P) If it works, after a few seconds you should see the right-side UI pop up. When it does, again go to the console and server exec this: trigger_server_save = true; Then restart your server and hopefully everything will work fine. The bug might happen again until you upgrade to v0.914, or make sure the clients and server load the same mods.
  6. I think I've managed to uncorrupt your savegame, at least it's now loading fine on my side https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnmxqhubtzs92ky/admin.vars.Arma3Profile?dl=0 As for the bug itself (because it's not corrected) - What version of the mission were you playing when the bug happened? - Do you have any mods? Edit: I've identified and corrected a similar issue that happens when a client uses a mod the server doesn't have and recycles a vehicle from that mod
  7. To investigate I'll need the corrupted savegame and server logs
  8. That would be better to discuss this with the other people who have already integrated Alive into Liberation. There's too many mods to integrate and maps to port onto, if I start looking into that, nothing will ever get done on the main version Noted in the feature list Well, before that, some people used to complain that a few hostile dudes would surrender to them while they were solo and it made no sense. When you take all feedback into account, there comes a point when you realize you can't please everyone :p
  9. v0.913 is out Changelog: - Added a CSAT aggressivity setting, allowing you to choose if you want more or less counter attacks and reinforcements. - Added a weather parameter. - Added a "shorter nights" parameter, which will speed up the day/night cycle during the night. - Added a HALO cooldown parameter. - Fixed a bug that could result in incorrect ammo values (including negative values) when there was a mod mismatch between clients and server. - Fixed a bug about a few specific sectors that had a chance to reactivate just after capture.
  10. Unfortunately it seems you can't, from https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arsenal: This version has several limitations as opposed to the Virtual one: Voice, Face and Insignia are not available (to avoid clashing with profile)" This will be part of the upcoming offmap supports feature Noted I've added a bunch of stuff to the build menu, however tower HQs are reserved for the "fob upgrades" feature Three tanks in one single zone is an unlucky draw, but it's still doable with even less people than 5. If you attack a military base you should expect that kind of defence and bring enough anti-vehicle, either yourself or with a bunch of missile specialist AIs. If you still want to remove vehicles you can modify your version of the mission and have a look into manage_one_sector.sqf Nope, as you could see I've been handling requests and bugfixes for a good while, so major features will have to wait until all major complaints have been fixed. I've noticed that too, I'll look into it CSAT air is the last thing in the game that can reliably kill our forces, and your proposition would go against the current effort to make the mission more challenging. If those neophrons don't kill some of your tanks, what will? I'd rather have people look for solutions within the game before tweaking the CSAT forces to make them easier to beat, and in this case, with my team we already have a bunch of ways to deal with the problem of CSAT air without spending much of our ammo so it's definitely doable. There is a bunch of modules in the ingame editor that are used to setup the Zeus interface, you should have a look at them. Even though I'm not sure what you want can be done. On the long run the Zeus commander will dissapear anyways, and you'll have a new commander interface that might allow remote control of AI units. Is there orange prisoner uniforms in the game? More seriously, why not, but this can't be a priority over many other things and the mission will change a lot until then, so you might want to tell me again when the mission is closer to completion It happened before but it's a very rare bug that could happen randomly only on a bunch of sectors (the dozen latest added into the mission), anyways it's corrected in the next release
  11. I'll answer everything after the weekend, only have my phone at the moment ;)
  12. The ammo issue can occur anytime the clients and server have a different set of mods loaded, especially those that would show up in the build menu. The issue will be corrected in the next version ;) Edit: and with the sector activation bug being apparently fixed since no one is reporting it anymore, that's the two most annoying and long-standing bugs resolved
  13. Almost certain you have different mods loaded on your server and clients, and almost certain that mod loaded on the server is RHS. Almost certain that's the reason for your ammunition bug, too :P Edit: indeed your logs show RHS being loaded server side
  14. Noted on Trello, I'll add a new mission parameter to set the cooldown, disabled by default I'm not sure I understand, could you explain? There's a recycle option for NATO tanks when you're near a fob, and CSAT tanks can't be recycled because they're free, so there's no reason to get rid of them. But maybe that's absolutely not what you were talking about so feel free to explain. Mandatory mods are an absolute no-go as it would force everyone to install every required mod. However you can easily replace the huron with any helicopter of your choice in your own version of liberation, all you need is to edit classnames.sqf and replace the value of "huron_typename". Same for your second mod, you can add anything to the build menu from the same file. I'd really need your server and client logs to see what happened here. It's only the second time this bug is reported since the mission exists, and we never got it on our server. Logs or precise reproduction steps would really really help. In the meantime you can revert the damage by logging as admin, going into the debug console, and correct the ammo value with this line: resources_ammo = 43; publicVariable "resources_ammo"; Well, thanks but here it's the github devs who deserve all the praise for doing such a great tool ;) I'm just trying not to refactor classnames.sqf from now on, to avoid creating huge conflicts in the forks.
  15. Yes, in the params class you can't use a decimal value like 0.5 as the default value. To solve the problem you can define the default config in the cfg of your dedicated server. That would also allow you not to change anything in the mission itself with each new version. If needed you can look at the wiki to see how it's done :)
  16. Definitely doable ;) v0.912 is out Changelog: Damage resistance when wearing heavy armor and heavy helmets has been increased. Of course it's only interesting if bullets hit the armor, as damage is always localized. You can now choose your loadout from the deployment screen. You can now save the loadout you want to respawn with. You can now copy the loadout of any other player on the server. When incapacitated, if you have AIs from your group nearby, you can instantly replace them, and keep fighting. Until you run out of AIs. Various tweaks to the CSAT aggressivity and vehicle/infantry ratio.
  17. Nope it's a bug in Arma that we noticed too, most of the time you won't be able to repair the Huron at all. All the repairing logic in the mission is 100% vanilla and maybe that's the problem ;)
  18. Haha yeah I corrected that bug on my end too. However you should know that there's many more non-vital parts than just "hands" and "legs". For example "neck" isn't a vital part (at least in arma...), yet it gets damaged extremely often with extremely high damage values, resulting in most the the incapacitated states triggered by FAR revive once you've excluded hands and legs. From my tests here's all the non-vital parts that can take more than 100% damage without resulting in player death (so it shouldn't result in player incapacitation either) "hands", "legs", "spine1", "spine2", "spine3", "pelvis", "neck" The mitigation is something else. I've done that because to put it bluntly, ingame armor values make no sense at all. - "armor" seems to be used for explosion resistance, and is being shown on the arsenal view as "armor". - "passThrough" seems to be used for bullet penetration resistance, and it's not being shown. Nowhere. Nada. It's the most important info and it's basically hidden. Now that wouldn't mean much if "armor" and "passThrough" were close (both high for heavy armor for example), but they aren't. If you take the plated GL carrier, the armor is 100, and passthrough is 0.7, or 70%. If you take the carrier special rig, armor is 40, passthrough is 0.1. Yep, 10%, meaning that shiny DLC vest will turn you into an absolute tank. And I've tested extensively it and it's insane, without any meddling from FAR revive the carrier special rig can take 6 to 7 MX bullets, the plated GL no more than 2, despite having the highest "armor" value in the entire vanilla equipment. So I've made a little addition to the damage handling to even out all the gear and make every heavy armor relevant, by using values straight from the config so that should work with mods too. Solo tests were very pleasing, with heaviest armor making the player resistant but not invincible, since legs and hands are unprotected and point blank chest shots will still incapacitate almost instantly. Here's the full thing, plugged into FAR revive:
  19. You may indeed have been unlucky, and you can't make any statistical conclusions based on only a few draws. That's if you've been playing with the latest version (v0.911), because before that the BIS weather system was causing most of the issues Other than that I've just tweaked the damage and armor handling system in a very satisfying way. It will take some time and tries to get it 100% right, but already wearing some heavy armor and ECH makes a much bigger difference than before, especially against lots of small caliber bullets. Sniper rounds will still hurt a lot :p
  20. For #1 I'll need the usual bug report info because I can't work with this http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_report_a_bug For #2 there's several arsenal improvements in the next version, one of them being the ability to save a respawn loadout
  21. About the weather, the issue everyone is running into is that the game has a default random weather behaviour that cannot be halted, and it really gets in the way when using accelerated time. I've made changes in v0.911 so my own weather behaviour tries to overcome those random changes, and that seems to work, mostly. However there's also a chance of heavy overcast + rain so maybe you weren't lucky and drew overcast two times in a row which makes 1 hour of constant terrible weather. Losing conditions have one terrible side effect for people who have a public server: random players might trigger them and void the entire campaign. I'd rather work at making the CSAT more aggressive, which has been happening for a few versions now and again more in the next one.
  22. More and more teams manage to complete the campaign, I must say that's pleasing to see :p http://1721st.uk/gallery/m/33471412/album/256908/syspage/1 For your average 10 players group it seems that one liberation campaign will yield 200 to 250 hours of gameplay ;)
  23. Well taking nearly only the large cities is an achievement on its own. You will have limited resources while every capture has a 100% chance to send a battlegroup after your fobs, not to mention all the reinforcements while you attack the cities themselves. If a group wants to blitzkrieg the mission I have no issue with that, because it won't be easy either ;)
  24. Sorry but you read the code wrong. Damage is not amplified and certainly not because of damage applied to non-vital parts, that's the exact opposite. Here's the interesting part again FAR_HandleDamage_EH = { params [ "_unit", "_selectionName", "_amountOfDamage", "_killer", "_projectile", "_hitPartIndex" ]; private [ "_isUnconscious" ]; _isUnconscious = _unit getVariable "FAR_isUnconscious"; if (alive _unit && _amountOfDamage >= 1.0 && _isUnconscious == 0 && !(_selectionName in [ "hands", "legs", "spine1", "spine2", "spine3", "pelvis" ])) then { _unit setDamage 0.6; _unit allowDamage false; _amountOfDamage = 0; [_unit, _killer] spawn FAR_Player_Unconscious; }; _amountOfDamage }; So, what this script does is catch damage applied to the player. If the damage to any vital body part (torso, head) gets above 1, or if the overall damage (the empty body part) gets above 1, you get killed by the game engine. The point of that script is to make sure that when you'd get killed by the game engine, you get incapacitated instead. That's why non-vital body parts are EXCLUDED, which is what the "!" does. You don't get killed because damage to the hands and legs gets above 1, but repeated damage to the hands and legs will still get the overall damage above 1, which would kill you if that script wasn't there. 0.6 is just the lowest value I could use so you don't bleedout and die while in incapacitated state. However if you prefer another revive you're free to disable the one packaged with the mission and use any other solution you want