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  1. Thank you :) 1- Each soldier costs several points of manpower depending on its strength: 2 for the standard rifleman, 5 for the heavy gunner, 1 for a crewman and so on. Also supports such as ammo boxes and mobile spawns have a permanent manpower cost (and you can recycle mobile spawns if that's an issue). However with only the first FOB deployed you should already have 50 manpower and 20 fuel to start with, so you should be able to pull a bit more than that at the beginning. I'm not sure what's going on here :D The starting ressources should allow you to pull 2 squads of light infantry. With the first town captured you can pull a mobile spawn on top of that. The prices aren't definitive at all, we're not sure about the right balance for everything yet. That's also why the beta test will be useful ;) 2- The optionnal LHD is already in the planned features but I didn't really look into it yet. If you delete the LHD a large part of the scripts will stop working as they assume the LHD is still here - don't do that :) I can't guarantee the mission will work with anything else than the "official" Altis, but yeah I'm going to look into alternate starts without the LHD in a future version, if you really don't want to use it :p
  2. @Kurtosis thanks :) I've done a lot of solo testing, so it's definitly doable to play solo as the commander, and even jump into the fight with a squad of your own. Mobile respawn and squad member respawn will help a lot. Just be patient and forgiving with the AIs, their "autodanger" behaviour might become unnerving sometimes ;)
  3. zbug

    [SP/MP] ClashPoint

    Armaholic mirrors are up to date:
  4. zbug

    [SP/MP] ClashPoint

    Version 1.4 is up for both Altis and Kunduz Steam workshop : - Altis - Kunduz MPMissions pbo: - Altis - Kunduz
  5. ArmaHolic mirror added, thanks Big :) ArmaHolic And also a small gameplay video from a coop session with friends:
  6. ClashPoint is an instant action gamemode for Arma 3. Gets you right into the fight! Download: - ArmaHolic - Steam Workshop - Direct PBO Required addons: - Kunduz, Afghanistan - RHS: Escalation - Leights OPFOR Pack Vanilla Altis version: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?188804-SP-MP-ClashPoint Features: - Solo, coop or PvP, the mission automatically adapts to the numbers of players on each side, - Dynamically generated firefights, unlimited situations, - 50 different locations on Altis, 300 different match setups, - Ground vehicles and air support, - Upgraded version of Farooq's revive script, - Allows the use of modded infantry gear (weapons, uniforms...), - Works in single player, on a local server and dedicated servers, Rules: - Each side starts the round with a 10 minutes timer, - Holding the ClashPoint makes this timer tick down, - When it reaches zero, the side holding the flag wins. Which means it's not over until the clock rings! - Unlimited respawns, spawn camping is made impossible by a spawn protection around each base. Enjoy!
  7. zbug

    [SP/MP] ClashPoint

    You're welcome :) Can you confirm it works as intended?
  8. Hi everyone, I have a mission where I'm using the setTimeMultiplier command to have shorter days, like it's done in most open world games nowadays. It works great. I also have my own dynamic weather system that ensures the weather choices are somewhat realistic. Basically the vanilla weather has too much rain with only half overcast, and too much fog, so I've forced values for that. Transitions are smooth and everything works great. But, there's this https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/nextWeatherChange Making sure the weather will change randomly during very long missions is kinda cool, but with a setTimeMultiplier of 8, 90 minutes becomes... way too often. The biggest issue is how volumetric fog starts popping randomly, even on clear sunny days, and people with lower end GPUs start complaining about their 5 fps. I can make the script that forces the fog and rain to whatever I want every 10 seconds or so, and things will look good enough, but that's a dirty solution. Is there a way to disable those automatic weather changes? Thanks !
  9. zbug

    [SP/MP] ClashPoint

    I'm dearly sorry, but modifying the mission voids your warranty :p More seriously, as you've already modified things you should be able to open \scripts\client\gimme_a_group.sqf (use notepad or notepad++ or whatever tool able to modify code without messing up everything, not MS office) At line 9, replace if ( side _x == WEST ) then { with if ( side _x == playerSide ) then { Save the file, export the mission, it should do the trick ;) Otherwise, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the mission! Thanks :) The issue with other revive scripts is that if you die in singleplayer, you can't respawn and the mission ends. It's a matter of balancing advantages and drawbacks, and Farooq's revive is my prefered solution because the players won't die prior to being revived ;)
  10. zbug

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Great work, thanks a lot!
  11. zbug

    Farooq's Revive

    This one is pretty simple, in FAR_revive_funcs.sqf, go to the line 101 which should be _unit setDamage 0; and use another value instead of 0, in my experience 0.6 works pretty well ;) That also means revived units won't be able to move quickly, they will need to be healed on top of being revived. That's a mechanic I like, just be aware of that. If you add _unit setBehaviour "STEALTH"; that will make your soldiers whisper when they're wounded. You will have to revert them manually to their previous behaviour though, but that could give you the different voice you want
  12. Maybe try to use <unit> doWatch objNull on all your soldiers to cancel any watch command they could have received from anywhere else? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/doWatch
  13. You should definitely add -showscripterrors to your Arma 3 launch options, that way you will know when your scripts blow up, and why ;)
  14. I could reproduce and solve your issue, the soldiers are still assigned to the last vehicle they got in, so they don't want another one. Arma being arma :p You need to : - give your chopper the name "helo" - put this in the "on activation" field of your "get out" waypoint (the 2nd waypoint I guess) { _x assignAsCargo helo } foreach thislist;