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  1. nevada_scout

    Dash - SQF Editor

    You are most welcome! If you like this, you'll love what I've got planned for the future ;) Thanks for releasing it so quickly! :D
  2. Introducing "Dash" - The most advanced SQF editor for Arma ever built. Features: Dash has many features that aim to make writing SQF code as painless as possible: - It has full support + syntax highlighting for SQF and SQM files, with the other file types (.ext, .cpp, etc) coming soon. - It features the "ArmaSense" code-completion engine that suggests Arma script commands and user defined variables as you are typing. - You can fold code inside curly braces, or create your own folding areas using "//#region" and "//#endregion" to hide code between the two comments. Planned Features: - Enhanced "ArmaSense" code-completion to suggest user variables that are in scope and defined in any file in the project - SQF Lexer/Parser to provide Microsoft Word or Visual Studio-style wavy red underlines underneath code that does not compile -- without the need to run your code through a compiler - RPT file analyser that can link you straight to the code that caused the error you're looking at - Work directly inside PBO files without needing to pack/unpack them (great for server admins working on their mission/server pbos) - Custom themes to allow you to change the syntax highlighting colours as you want Screenshots: An example showing the ArmaSense code-completion engine: In Summary: Dash is being actively developed by myself (I'm nevada_scout). It's written in C# and the source code is openly available on GitHub, along with the issue tracker (please, feel free to lend a hand! :) ) The full website for the project is here: http://dash.nevadascout.com which includes a download for the installer for the latest version (v1.2 at the time of writing). I'm interested to see what you guys think of this, let me know below! :)
  3. nevada_scout

    Helvantis Terrain

    This map looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out later today!