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  1. I have been fumbling through forums for two days now looking for an answer and I'm not even close, so I'm just going to quit messing around and ask somebody. I have a mission I want to come to an end, or activate a trigger, when one group falls to fewer than 3 people. There are 2 playable units in that group, both higher in rank than all the non-playable units (so either becomes the group leader if occupied). There are a total of 8 playable units in the mission (4 per side). In order for the mission to work, however, at least one of the two playable units in this particular group has to be occupied, but I'd like to open up the option for that group to have two players. Trouble is, I can't guarantee both will be occupied at all times, nor can I control which of the two units a person might choose, so I need this condition to work if either or both units are occupied. So far I've tried several combinations of if/then statements with !isNull to see if the groups exist and go from there. Also tried them with alive unitName to see if those players exist. No luck. I tried the {_x thisList} count units groupName < 3 with a || and copying the script to the other side with the second player's groupName. That didn't work. So I don't know. How in the world should I attack this mess? Thanks for any help!
  2. Hi, and thank you! I will the as soon as I get home. I guess I just figured the further they were from stealth, the more free they would be to run.
  3. I have a group of AI BLUFOR soldeirs advancing through waypoints. For whatever reason, I absolutely can not get them to run. In the waypoint menu, I have them set to Careless, Hold Fire, and Full Speed. That didn't work. THen I added in the activation box the following: this setSpeedMode "FULL"; this setBehaviour "CARELESS"; this setCombatMode "GREEN"; I read somewhere that that can fix problems and force AI movement. It didn't make them run, but it kept the leader from waiting for the others to catch up. Is there something else I can try? Once in a while one or two of them will jog for a split second to get into position, but that's it. They should be running at full speed based on these setting. Thanks for your help! I should mention they're moving on a road and no enemies are around.