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  1. I did a while ago. I found it a bit confusing and then poor performance on what I made. I then found MCC Sandbox and was really happy with it. However I think it is time I go back and have another look at it.
  2. Hey that's an idea: Jebus instead of the respawn module. What you are looking for is MCC Sandbox mod and it's "GAIA" AI control. In it, you place zones (by placing round or square markers to the size/location you want) and then insert an init command into squad leaders. They can be told to attack ("Move" command), defend ("NoFollow"), or fortify ("Fortify") the zone they are assigned to. Attack means they will move freely in and out of the zone, pursuing enemies, flanking, and working with other friendly squads. They are unpredictable and actually tactful. The defend will have them go into the zone but not leave it. In the zone they will set up patrols and when the enemy is detected (by a friendly squad) they will react and chase down the enemy within the zone. Again they work together, flank, etc. The fortify command they move into the zone and take up positions in buildings and cover. They will use any static weapons placed too. Jebus actually has built in support for MCC, so instead of using the regular MCC init, you add to the Jebus command to use MCC. Here is an example from the Jebus instruction guide:
  3. Yeah there is something wrong with it. I've had the same problem using editor placed waypoints and also using GAIA. For the latter, I have seen that the commanders still have the GAIA active (so should be setting waypoints) but just lay down at spawn. Something about respawning crashes their use of waypoints.
  4. You misunderstood. Zone 1 covers all of Stratis. They actually can't leave the zone because of the island. However I want to set a sub-zone inside it where they won't enter. So they will go all round Stratis but stay out of a small marked area. I could split the island up into different zones to leave out the bit I want to exclude, but then that will mean splitting up the defenders, which will not be practical for the mission I'm making.
  5. Is there a way to make an exclusion zone for GAIA units from one faction? For example I've got a mission running where all of Stratis is in Marker 1, The AI are free to roam around and react to the whole of Stratis. But just to make my insurgent mission a bit easier, I want it so they won't venture into the center of a particular forest. Is it possible to mark out an area or set a radius on a spot where the GAIA will end pursuit, such as when they reach their marked limit for NoFollow? I don't know if the command would make a difference, but I only need it to work for NoFollow squads anyway.
  6. Ok, so I've been doing some silly mistakes then. I thought silent was just for moving and not fighting. I also for some reason set the friendly skill level right down just like the enemy. Especially for this mission I should bump them up a bit to be more 'elite' and to compensate for flaws. Thanks for tips @joostsidy and @zagor64bz I'll do some tweaking and give the guides a read/watch. As far as recruiting goes, I've just been cheating to make units reactivate from simulation/hidden and join my squad based on triggered events. However anyone can feel free to post info or links to other scripts if you want :) I could probably use a 'join me' script to make certain civilians recruitable, but that would be better if it had certain requirements that need to be met, like an accrued point system or something for killing enemy or completing tasks, in order to recreate needing to impress the civs before they want to join.
  7. Maybe I should have another go with my squad on 'silent' mode, so they will stay lower and move slower maybe.
  8. Yeah totally. I mean the game is practically unplayable unless I set the Skill slider for each unit to the lowest. That's in combination with playing with the game difficulty setting on hardest (I'm not sure how the two overlap). I've found if I don't set the Skill slider right down, I'll get aim bot shot in the head from 600m away while prone... As a random fact for this point, I started using the Jebus script and noticed I was getting aim botted. That made me almost certain that the script was canning the Skill setting. I asked the maker and sure enough, it was. At that point I just stopped trying to play/test the mission I made until the Jebus dev updated to keep skill. The problem with the difficulty setting though and also the mods to an extent, is that it's a two way street. My squad will be less likely to be aimbot sniped out by a riflemen...but that also means they won't snipe out the enemy too. And bcombat will make my squad take cover more than vanilla, but it will also mean that the enemy AI will use grenades, flanking, and aggressive pursuit more too.
  9. I use Bcombat, but I'm aware it hasn't been updated in yonks. I actually see it throw error messages too (while I'm in dev it pops up) so don't know if that means it's not always working properly. I should take the time to check out the other ones on your list.
  10. Well I've hit a brick wall. It wasn't about scripting or setting up the mission to have tasks and rewards or anything like that.... it's that the AI sucks balls and is completely incompatible with my mission. I keep turning around to find my entire squad is wiped out.They seem incapable of staying in cover and taking careful shots. They seem to only know how to fight in the open and take high casualties, so not at all suitable to working in a small unit fighting a superior force. This sucks. I spent so many hours setting it all up.
  11. Awesomeski Thanks @dreadpirate
  12. I've noticed that groups are present when the game starts, but quickly de-spawn and re-spawn back in place. In the process of this, I know they keep waypoints and etc, but do they keep the attributes set such as Skill? I started having a play test of the scenario I've spent heaps of time making, but I keep getting cut to ribbons from long range fire. It's return of the aimbot, the same age old ARMA 3 issue. However I'm running Bcombat and normally with the unit Skill level set to the lowest level it makes the game playable. Is this Skill setting wiped by Jebus? Also another thing to do with despawning units on start. I don't know if it has anything to do with using RHS, but when I have a number of units start in a vehicle, when they all respawn half of them get killed mid way through the process. It's like they spawn under the vehicle or something. I've seen it happen for GAZ cars and for T-90 tanks.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Yeah that was my back up plan, to start units in their reinforcement location. Means the mission will need time to "bake" before it's ready, but that's ok I guess.
  14. I want to respawn a group exclusively in a position not where they are placed in the editor. This is because I want the re-spawned group to travel to the location as though they are actually reinforcements, not just magically appear on the spot. From the description of the config I see "RESPAWNMARKERS=" allows you to pick an array of markers, but it sounds like every marker placed will share an equal chance along with the editor placed position. Is this correct? Is there any way to exclusively respawn at a marker location?
  15. Oh ma gawd, that's perfect. It even has GAIA integration. Exactly what I need. This is why I figured it'd be good to ask and see what people could suggest :)