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  1. afkellogg

    3D Printer

    I know how to use old 3D printer but how to use the new 3D printer in Take on Mars?
  2. How to build stuff on manned mission?
  3. It be nice if we can save our manned mission in multiplayer?
  4. It will be cool to use robot on manned mission.
  5. It be cool to have manned mission to asteroid and other planet on multiplayer and secenario.
  6. It will be cool to send rover, lander, and probe on other planet.
  7. Deimos moon on multiplayer is still broken.
  8. It will be cool on the manned mission in the space program if we do some rock samples and colonization mars.
  9. On Manned Mission in the space program can we sent men to the moon, asteroid, demios or is just mars?
  10. afkellogg


    Have you or going to show Take On Mars to NASA?
  11. Is Take of Mars coming out on PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE and XBOX 360?
  12. afkellogg

    Build stuff on manned mission

    How to use the 3D printer?
  13. How do I get use lander and rover on the space program?
  14. When I do a multiplayer in Cydonia Mensea the game just crashed.
  15. afkellogg

    Multiplayer on Deimos

    When I do a multiplayer on deimos my astronauts get stuck.
  16. How about Orion and The Space Launch System from NASA than the ULA because Space Launch System will be the manned mission deep space spacecraft.
  17. It cool to have Manned Mission on the Space Program Campaign from launch to splashdown you can choose the astronauts training them building the rocket and make our own space suit like the real thing when we go mars for real.
  18. It is final release will Take on Mars will have a Boxed Edition?
  19. afkellogg

    Victoria Crater broken?

    It happened the same thing with me on the Victoria Crater both rover and manned.
  20. How to delete post on the forums?