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  1. I left out I had set up an init.sqf file with simply: Player_1 (through 4) addaction................ (all four actions) and a few objects setup with vehicle spawning lines: eg: heli_spawner_1 addAction ["Spawn AH64 Sim", {createVehicle ["BSNAG_AH64D_Sim", (getMarkerPos "heli_spawn_1"), [], 0, "NONE"];}];
  2. Hello! I have been attempting to create 3 scripts with 5 main functions in MP editor. I am brand new to scripting (only 3-4 days), and have gotten very close to my goal. However, I am at my last legs for the near future. I need help chiefly with getting the positional coordinates from the map click into a marker used by a mortar section for a fire mission and/or relocation. Initially using the action menu: Set Fire Mission -Uses mouse on map to set a marker labelled "Fire Mission". Relocate Mortar Section -Uses mouse on map to set a marker labelled "New Position" Unpack/Pack Mortars -Uses if, then, else to minimise action menu options Commence Fire Mission -Uses Fire mission marker. Initially limited to 2 round salvos but as I learned more and went on i intend to make a menu with different sheafs, etc. Script 1: Function 1: Use the map to create a marker labelled "Fire Mission" with hints. To be used for the fire mission. Script 2: Function 2: Fire on the position. Script 3: Function 3: Mortar section gets in a Stryker, travels to a selected point "Relocation" on the map. Function 4: Unpacks their mortars and is ready for tasking Function 5: Packs mortars and awaits a relocation tasking. So far I have achieved function 2. 3 I can get partially there with a moving marker on the Stryker and scripted orders to mount up. 4 and 5 I have not properly attempted yet due to function 1's stone wall. I don't know much so any help would be appreciated. My scripts so far: Function 1: createfiremission.sqf: (Shortended version) openmap true, hint "Mark Fire Mission"; _pos = [] _firemissionlocation = _pos // as far as i figured this cleared previous marks addMissionEventHandler ["MapSingleClick", {params ["_units", "_pos", "_alt", "_shift"]}]; //don't really know what this is doing tbh, I figured it was grabbing the data and If I used "_result = _array select 1;" it would select the positional data. _firemissionlocation = "createMarker [firemissionlocation, _pos]"; //where things appear to go wrong. No matter what combination I can not get this to work. I did at one point momentarily have it working (no errors) but the marker would not appear. _firemissionlocation setMarkerType "hd_destroy"; _firemissionlocation setMarkerText "Fire Mission"; Function 2: I can't find my scripting for this at the moment. Function 3: player addAction ["Mortar Reposition", { //contains my initial attempt at getting marker pos params ["","_pos","",""]; openmap [true,false]; ["click", "onMapSingleClick", { titleText["Select Map Position", "PLAIN"]; _wp1 = badger addWaypoint [_pos [getmarkerPos mother_1],0]; _wp1 setWaypointType "getin"; deleteMarker "customObjective"; _mk = createMarker ["customObjective",_pos]; _mk setMarkerText "Go here"; _mk setMarkertype "hd_objective"; openmap [false,false]; onMapSingleClick ""; false }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; }]; Function 4: private _wp1 = _group addWaypoint [_pos getmarkerPos "MortarPit", 10]; //Not at all mine but I was to attempt to adapt it once i figured out the markers. _wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp1 setWaypointStatements ["true", " group this allowFleeing 0; [group this, 'StaticWeaponUnpacked', { _this spawn { sleep 7; [_this select 0] call BIS_fnc_packStaticWeapon; }; }] call BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler; [ this, this, this getPos [1000, random 360], this getPos [10, 0] ] call BIS_fnc_unpackStaticWeapon; Funtion 5: Nothing done yet.