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  1. What is the 6th Ranger Battalion? The 6th Ranger Battalion is a semi-realism unit. We are a US Army Rangers based unit that plays CO-OP missions. We like to play arma with a realistic point of view but understand that it is a game and there is certain restrictions. We are looking for anyone that enjoys playing arma in a organized milism environment. Who are we looking for ? The 6th Ranger Battalion is currently moving from ArmA 2 to ArmA 3. We already have a few members and we are looking to expand our player base. We are a smaller group of friends that recently started enjoying AmaA 3 COOP milsim training and missions and are looking to make the group bigger. We have about 8 members at the moment and are looking to gain members to about the 20 member mark to have bigger operations with more actives to run structured missions everyday. We are younger guys (around 18-20) that enjoy playing in a milism environment. We are looking for others that would like to help the 6th Ranger Battalion progress and enjoy their time in the unit at the same time. Our missions we run are made from zeus so anyone that has experience with zeus is a plus. We are also open to people who are new to ArmA or a Milism environment. We help install mods, and adjust settings to mods, we also explain so you progress in the process of it. We run training for new people once a week. If you are interested in joining, You Must be 17 or older Must be willing to be involved and active in the 6th Ranger Battalion Our mission times are usually around 9:30PM Eastern Time Zone, so that timezone would need to be one you can work with Go on the Teamspeak ( and speak to a recruiter. When you speak to the recruiter they will go over the recruitment process with you.
  2. The 6th Ranger Battalion is looking for new members. The 6th Ranger Battalion is a realism unit on ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead that uses ACE/I44/TFAR. Sometimes we play modern day, sometimes we play I44. We are looking for members who are serious about realism. We are currently accepting members 17+. If you are interested or have any questions contact info below STEAM: Armstrong8011 (ParathermalZ) Email: InsanelyBeastGaming@hotmail.com