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  1. 880zero

    Import Smoothing Group Error

    So some progress, this is where I'm at right now: Obviously the two do not match. But, I'm getting closer!
  2. 880zero

    Import Smoothing Group Error

    Thanks for the replies! The models usually only have one or two smoothing groups, no more than that. Where would I find the VM's bistudio txt exporter for max? Is it a script? I guess, more importantly, where would I find the Arma 3 samples?
  3. I've been battling this for a while and I just can't seem to figure it out. I've tried both .fbx and .3ds and nothing will retail the proper smoothing groups. Essentially what I've tried to do at this point is import a .obj into 3DS Max, then export as a .fbx, using smoothing groups, triangulate and preserve edge orientation checked. Nothing seems to work, what's the secret to this?
  4. Lets be honest, you don't work on the mod so we don't have to listen to you and can continue making it the way we want it.
  5. The Rhino cannot fire and move at the same time, it has to lock itself down before firing as seen in Halo Wars. So technically they are both on par with each other.
  6. Hey Theronnett, can you get me one more picture? Its where the hand guard meets the frame of the gun at the front. None of your images show how its done, but what I interpret is that the metal hand guard bolts into the polymer receiver.
  7. The shotguns were done by Stirls and I've been asked to redo them. So don't worry, that'll be fixed.
  8. The mod won't be cluttered with duplicates of the same weapon, it just doesn't make sense to use up all the space. Like I said, feel free to make your own skin mod that uses OpTreb assets. No one is stopping you.
  9. The weapons won't be getting a fancy paint job. If you want, you're more than welcome to make your own reskin mod.
  10. He said the laser is the recoil dampner. Also there's nothing stopping us from having the laser attachment attach to the scope.
  11. 880zero

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    Using Bungie's textures is still ripping, whether the model is unique or not. I doubt he made the models, they aren't on his DA and they look too close to the originals for the textures to match up perfectly without stretching or distorting.
  12. 880zero

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    The file name says "Halo_3_Vehicles_3D_Max_Models.zip" Sorry to burst your bubble, but these are ripped. I know because I have those models and textures: http://puu.sh/hJzjy.jpg http://puu.sh/hJzwV.jpg http://puu.sh/hJzEx.jpg http://puu.sh/hJzQL.jpg
  13. Maybe at some point I'll put my '56 Buick in the mod haha, to go with the '56 Hog. I don't think you'll need to take screens of the golden Hog, I'm sure Stirls could easily retexture the current Warthog to be clean like the Genet, and then give it a civilian paint scheme (100% gloss clear coat).
  14. Read up about the bombing of Far Isles. The UNSC straight up nuked an insurrectionist held colony world when the UNSC was driven from it.
  15. Using preference as a basis, having an uncollapsed version of the SMG as a primary is still stupid because of the higher recoil. Shotguns are in the mod because they're in the games. Also I doubt a carry handle will be included. However, the MA2B was a stripped down variant of the MA5B that had a carry handle on it that used larger ammunition, so I may consider making a carry handle to convert the MA5B into an MA2B.