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  1. Hello everyone! First I have to say, that I absolutely love this game, and have been wishing for a game like this to exist ever since I started playing Orbiter and Kerbal Space Program a few years ago. My main interest in this game are the unmanned missions, and I have a few suggestions. You could add Venus and Titan. Although these bodies are too hostile for humans with near future, realistic technologies, they could be interesting targets to send probes to. Venus would have two environments: 1. 50 km altitude, where there is Earth-like temperature and pressure. To this region you could send balloons or aircraft. 2. Surface, to this place you could send robust landers and rovers. Robots sent to the surface would eventually fail due to high pressure and temperature, so you would have to do your mission quickly. To Titan you could send balloons and aircraft, surface landers and rovers, and boats and submarines to explore the methane seas. Robots sent to Titan would eventually fail too, because the low temperature and the thick atmosphere would freeze up the machine. Landers and rovers like those sent to Mars could also be sent to the Moon. A different landing mechanism would be added to them, since parachutes don't work on the Moon. A low, but noticeable gravity could be added to Deimos. Deimos has an escape velocity of about 20 km/h. Although low, it shouldn't behave as a completely "zero-gravity" environment like Earth/Mars orbit, and the Asteroid Belt. The intro "mission" with the Soviet Mars 3 lander and Prop-M rover is really neat, there could be a few other historical missions added, for example the Luna 24 Moon sample return mission.
  2. szputnyik

    Build stuff on manned mission

    You can go into Editor, load your scenario, edit in the big rover, and save it with a different name (e.g. Gale Crater with big rover), then in Scenarios, look for the end of the list, there should be a new scenario beginning with "CUSTOM:", that will be the one you edited.
  3. szputnyik

    A few suggestions

    Pressurization requiring a life support module will be added in the future. As I've read, there won't be a "suction effect", but opening a door to a place with a different pressure won't be possible before pressing the cycle button and bringing the pressure of the airlock to either the outside environment or your habitat, (depending on where you want to go from the airlock).