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  1. And to be honest, if we want to hide someone's work, why would we leave that function as it is, even the name, depending on that I personally was expecting products leak sometime, what actually happened here? It's obvious that Arma has no absolute protection of a content you do. As being stated that will be removed if has to be so.
  2. I think KK never mentioned commercial requirements, neither mentioning his work usage - if I'm wrong I will remove any product parts using his work or mention it on products pages. I do respect his work, since I was actually inspired on some of his articles. Same like everybody does, mostly. But the point is missing still - author is focused on the prices and service way of distribution, not the content in general, as I stated above - that's just not "red handed", that's just "comes in handy" for the author. About adress - it is actually stated in the bottom of the terms page. Yeah the phone is missing - that should be fixed.
  3. By that statement it results in that no one should ever charge money, since we all use BIS product, but that's a different story. Post author is just getting upset for prices, not the content in the first place - its just a nice addition they've found some KK utility function inside one of the product. I can't remember such negative feed on some other commercial projects like Maverick Applications - because the prices seems to be fine for author. Playing on prejudice "lifers = stealers" is real. Even the product stated here, for example (notification system, watermarks) has nothing around life framework. It does seem like someone just expected to have everything for free, like typical discord visitors with "I wanna script - gimme gimme". That's what I don't get.
  4. Nice argument to hit my responsibility