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    Addon Builder. Result Code = 1

    Still doesn' work, same error... (with AND without binarize) EDIT: I FIXED IT!!! if you add a pboPrefix in Addon Builder it wont work!
  2. So i tried making a simple addon today, but when i launch addon builder in Arma 3 Tools it starts doing it's thing packing the addon, but ends with "Build Failed. Result Code = 1" These are my two RPT's: Addonbuilder.rpt Addonbuilder.User Worth noting: I've tried unchecking binarize and i get the same error, same with unticking clear temp and everything else. I've also verified the cache. Also i've tried Mikero's pboProject, it simply says makepbo isnt recognised as an internal or external command. Even though it's installed. (I've restarted PC) and yes i've reinstalled it... Config.cpp = http://pastebin.com/bz6AjQY7 edit: I've removed the comma from line 16 and still fails...