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    MINIDAYZ Feedback Tracker

    Sorry for the extremely late reply Thales.I'm using Chrome.
  2. RomainAlive

    MINIDAYZ Feedback Tracker

    Noticed in the change-log that the GUI distortion problem when switching to notebook mode was fixed.I switched to note book mode,to see what it did,as the game screen is longer than my PC screen is,even in full screen mode.So I had to do a lot of scrolling to see messages,and my inventory.Notebook mode helped,until I closed my browser.Now everything is distorted.I can't get it out of notebook mode to maybe fix the distortion,because it won't let me get to the in-game menu button.lol Edit: After having my browser closed down for a while,it reverted back to regular mode,switched back to notebook mode,and it worked fine...
  3. RomainAlive

    I can't play Minidayz :(

    It is working again now! :dancehead: :coop: Even though it is free,it still comes with a receipt.Accessible through your BI Profile/games. ;) Game looks great,and loving the additions,keep up the great work! :cheers:
  4. RomainAlive

    I can't play Minidayz :(

    I just recently purchased a new gaming computer.MiniDayz ran fine using chrome on my old computer.Now it just shows a black screen where the loading screen should be... I figured it may be because the game was downloaded on my other computer.So I went to my purchase receipt,and found the download link to re-download it on my new computer,but it says I haven't "purchased" it.Any chance this is my problem,or could it be something else?