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  1. Some friends and I are having an issue with ACE3 in its current build. For some reason we cannot get the interaction menu or self interaction menu working. We have turned all other mods off and just have ACE3 and CBA running but the interaction menus still arent working for us. Does anyone know why this is? Is it a known bug or is something else going on? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Yikes, lots of bugs. The warthog needs some serious attention. The thing rolls over more than it drives in a straight line, and its handling is pretty poor as well. Not sure why the warthog was messed with because in .12 of TEI it was pretty good, at the least it was better than it is now. Any part of the wheels that are not in direct contact with the ground (the bottom of the wheels) are extremely sticky. If you hit an incline going any speed, you are stopped instantly and usually flip over, because the current warthog has the mass of a bag of marsh mellows. The sniper rifle is very low quality texture, the bipod does not work (doesn't flip down when deployed) and the scope has some texture issues, specifically with the yellow lens on the front. Its way too bright. It also sounds nothing like the sniper rifle from any of the Halo games, which is odd because I thought attempts were being made to give the weapons similar sound effects, like what the assault rifle has now. The smoke from the pelicans thrusters needs to be removes. Its rather silly, and doesn't show up in any of the Halo games. Right now the smoke coming out of the side thrusters is blown to the sides and it looks pretty silly. Really hope this hotfix thats being talked about is released soon and addresses a whole lot of issues, because as it is right now this is a step backwards for the mod.
  3. Oh man, who else is excited for a mod that has already been released to be released... (wait for it) ...again?!?!?! Plus this time we get the benefit of waiting all over again! (again!) I mean everyone always says the best part of anything you are looking forward to is the wait, am I right? So lets all strap (on?) in and have a ton of fun waiting some more for those shiny new paintjobs! I just hope that the release date is listed as Soonâ„¢ I think that really helps to build even more anticipation. The more waiting fun the better!
  4. This is my response to the matter that has just recently been brought to my attention concerning the future of this mod. Wow... Just wow. I'm not sure where to even begin. I was looking forward to this mod for so long. Halo is one of my favorite stories. I fell in love with the games a long time ago, and discovered the books shortly after and was beyond hooked. Similarly I've been a huge fan of Arma for a long time now as well. When I saw that two things that I greatly enjoy were being merged, I was ecstatic. I was so excited for the release of this mod. I watched the forums on a daily (hourly at times when I could) basis. I re-read some of my favorite Halo books, listened to my favorite Halo songs and just generally immersed myself in all things Halo. The first release was tough wait, but when it finally (FINALLY) dropped it was fantastic. The quick support and bug fixes that came out soon after were even more amazing. The support for this mod was fantastic, both from the devs and the community. Aaaand now we are here. I don't know the full details on what happened, and I'm not sure I want to know. What I do know is that I am upset and angry. It appears to me that what happened was very childish. Some developers weren't getting along with another, so they pulled their assets in a tissy-fit ("You don't agree with me? Fine! You can't play with my toys!" Seriously? Pathetic) and are now making a new 'mod' called Operation Trebuchet. So now, after waiting for nearly a year for a Halo mod release, we now have to wait again another unknown amount of time for a new 'team' to release a 'new' mod. Ridiculous. Now I know its going to come up. "What have you contributed?" and "These people are making something for you, you entitled jerk!" It goes both ways. I 'contribute' by showing my support, by downloading and playing the mod, and then advertising it by sharing videos, pictures, and stories to other people telling of my experiences. All this leads to an increased fan base and more support for the developers. If you believe me to be entitled, then you have missed my point completely. Space: I really liked what you were able to do in the time you had. You got a team together and developed this mod, learning as you went and you made some seriously awesome results. A lot of people got really excited for Arma 3 and your mod, and that is something I think you can appreciate. From what I understand of the situation, it seems like you got the short end of the stick which is really too bad, for both you and the community. You didn't deserve to see the mod you worked hard on get stolen out from under you like the way it seems it was. I'll be sure to keep up with your planned work for the future as I'm sure it will be similar in quality to TEI and I hope that things develop into a better situation for you for future projects. Well I think thats it for me. Now all there is left for me to do is learn some basic modding skills so I can modify some of the little things in TEI to increase the longevity of it for my friends and I. Reach was glassed, but the fight didn't end there.
  5. Awesome! I think that the ODSTs already look really good, so the idea of them getting even better is pretty sweet. Looking forward to it! Ah ok so it is a bug of sorts. Glad to know that it will be addressed at some point. Thanks for the feedback
  6. +1, I'm a big fan of Jester and his vids. He really shows some of the awesome potential of Arma. Looking forward to more vids from him using TEI. On a different note, I was using the Rocket Launcher the other day and I noticed that it has some pretty drastic drop when using the HEAT and HEAP rounds. I was wondering if this is intentional or a known error? If it is intentional then it may want to be revisited, because currently you have to aim very high above a target just to engage it at ranges out to 75 meters or so. I personally think it is a bit much, and that the ballistics should be revisited. Not a priority issue at all, but something that could be looked into at some point.
  7. That's some awesome work right there. I'll be sure to pick it up when you are able to release it. Submods like this for TEI could prove to be very promising extra content
  8. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I'm pretty sure that picture is a fan made picture, probably from deviantart. There are a lot of pictures out there like that and while they are cool, they aren't canon. AFAIK there are no canon attachments to the MA5B, unless you are counting the in weapon mounted light or the grenade launcher. Edited for spelling
  9. Thanks for your continued dedication space! If it makes you feel any better I've lost a lot of sleep because of this mod too, both waiting for it and playing it. Thanks again! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!
  10. All aboard the hype train, again! Not sure if this was posted earlier by anyone, but I just saw this trailer/showcase vid for the mod and its pretty amazing:
  11. Congrats on the release!!! Loaded it up and gave it a try and I have to say it is pretty amazing what you guys have been able to do from scratch. Way better than I could ever hope to do for sure. I wanted to get in some kind words before the slew of posts about various bugs inevitably hits. I know that it can be discouraging to have people bombarding you with "this is wrong, that is broken" type posts, so I wanted to let you guys know before that all starts that you have created something pretty awesome for just a bunch of guys with an idea trying and figuring things out as they go. Bravo on a job well done! I will go on a bug hunt at some point this weekend and try to get you guys quality, constructive feedback. You sure deserve it, and I would love to give back to this project in any small way that I can. But for now I'm just going to enjoy the new toys and play around with them. Thanks again!
  12. Everything looks so fantastic. I have a quick question about the armor, specifically the camo underneath. Are you still planning on giving us 3 underlying camo patterns? (desert, woodland and vanilla/OD) In the video it appears that the player character is wearing a woodland camo pattern underneath. Just curious! Keep up the fantastic work!
  13. Ahh ok. BTW the Warthog looks amazing
  14. Those all look amazing. The artsy touch was very cool as well. Just wondering, are all the soldiers shown wearing the UNSC Army trooper armor, or is it a mix? Looks really fantastic. Can't wait to get my hands on the assault rifle
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