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  1. fritogotlayed

    [SP\MP] Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth

    Hey all, I just wanted to mention that I haven't gone dark. I am currently out at a conference this week and I forgot to mention that. There's not going to be much traction on the DUWS-R mod this week as far as pull request merged or anything go. I'm hoping to hop back on that next week once things calm back down. Thanks, Frito
  2. fritogotlayed

    [SP\MP] Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth

    Hey fildred13, Currently the dedicated support is on the agenda for the 0.2.0.X release. The 0.1.0.X release is in the final stages of wrapping up and I hope to have that fully released March 1st. From there I hope to be on a one month cadence. That would put 0.2.0.X being fully released April 1st. All of that said I believe Phr0gz has most of the work done for the dedicated server support but I haven't had a chance to actually work with him on getting it pull requested. Phr0gz and I have a roughly 7 hour time difference so when he's home in the evening I am still at work and we have both been fairly busy on the weekends. I'm still pretty weak at Arma scripting in general so I'm pretty slow with it. If I can't get with Phr0gz to get his changes pull requested I plan on looking at his commits to see if I can get the feature rebuilt in a more timely manner. As for the performance issue, I'm hoping to get some traction on that in the 0.2.0.X sprint at well. I forgot to mention that I hope to have the dev build issue solved here shortly. I have a fix pull requested waiting on anyone to comment as a review. Once https://github.com/DUWS-R-Team/DUWS-R/pull/44 changes to "Merged" or "Closed" the dev builds should be good once again :-).
  3. fritogotlayed

    [SP\MP] Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth

    Separate CP has been logged : https://github.com/DUWS-R-Team/DUWS-R/issues/41 Adding more options for additional CP is easy enough to do. I feel it's a bit of a "hacky" solution to another problem of running out of CP from a player with poor resource management though. I created this issue a while back that may help to address both items you listed in your edit. In the long run I'm hoping to add a larger suite of settings to the campaign in general so that each host can customize the play to the groups liking. :-) ---------- Post added at 02:29 ---------- Previous post was at 02:28 ---------- Ha! Thanks for the work around!
  4. fritogotlayed

    [SP\MP] Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth

    unforgiven91: Thanks for the steps to reproduce. Not sure why I didn't try that. I updated the GitHub issue with a link to your post. https://github.com/DUWS-R-Team/DUWS-R/issues/32
  5. fritogotlayed

    [SP\MP] Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth

    I'm not trying to place the blame on RHS at all :-). For the garbage collection I'm more wondering if RHS could have more objects in the world at any given time or anything. While I'm running on a somewhat "beefy" system I have some friends that I play with on occasion that are on more anemic machines. I haven't heard any complains from them on general sluggishness. I have created an issue to allow for the player to tweak the garbage collection settings though. I believe it is possible to do but I am not as familiar with the code as some of the other members on the team. For re-arm/repair I believe there are two ways this can be done. One is the Field Repair skill that can be done anywhere. I believe this only repairs whatever you are in. There is also a purchasable menu item that lets a player re-arm while in the HQ zone. At least I think it is the entire HQ zone. These are done through the radio currently. When you're in the HQ zone there is a little notification that pops up about half way across the top of the screen. Are you saying this is insufficient or have I just missed the boat on understanding? As for squad-up bit I am a little confused on this one as well. This may be the fact that I don't play with larger groups, usually max 4 people. When playing like this we usually all join the same squad then use the armory to customize our loadouts. I realize this isn't very pure from a mil-sim standpoint but it is what has worked for us. Is what you're asking for her a six person squad? Ex: TL, AT, Med, Rfl, Snipe, Spotter? I appreciate your patience in trying to help me understand and pinpoint your pain with the mission. I'd rather truly understand what your issue is and fix that rather than create a bunch of band-aids to throw at the issues and see which sticks. :-) Garbage Collection - https://github.com/DUWS-R-Team/DUWS-R/issues/37 ---------- Post added at 18:57 ---------- Previous post was at 18:39 ---------- Hey Slynchy, Thanks for the kind words on the excitement about DUWS-R! I'll make sure I pass this post along to the team. It's always great to see the support of the community around our donation of time to making something fun for everyone. The DUWS project is a great concept that offers a huge amount of replay-ability. My hat goes off to Kibot for starting the whole movement. That said, Bohemia gets recognition for making a fantastic MilSim and opening up a great API that allows the community to fill some of the voids we see. Without Kibot and Bohemia this would of never been possible. The DUWS-R Team is truly riding on the shoulders of giants. I'm going to be lazy here and re-use your list putting my comments in bold. >.> Custom Place Enemy Zones -- If you haven't already seen this you should... This is already complete and in our development builds. It is set to be officially released in our v0.1.0 build released at the end of February. Add ability to refortify MAIN base -- This may be related to this issue. Allow selection of sides/factions e.g BLUFOR vs Militia OR OPFOR vs RHS Escalation units -- This issue is definitely something that needs to happen before we can really address your item here. The intent was to move in this direction though. Longshot - maybe have a zone type of FORTRESS, where a town or village is heavily defended -- Definitely an interesting idea here. I think there may be an issue around this where a large around of "open" area would be needed to do this effectively. With all the low-walls, rocks, roads, brush, etc. it may be problematic to place this effectively in code. I'll definitely bring it up with the rest of the team and their their input. (I would imagine these would have to be hand-made, hand placing units in buildings etc)
  6. fritogotlayed

    [SP\MP] Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth

    Are all of the issues you've experienced here from playing the original DUWS or from the RHS DUWS fork? I'm going to log these in GitHub and would like to make sure I capture accurate information to help track down some of these issues. I logged the squad command issue here: https://github.com/DUWS-R-Team/DUWS-R/issues/32
  7. bignewy: I do not believe DUWS is maintained by kibot anymore. I have reciently started a fork of this project under the name "Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth" in which we are trying to fix the existing issues and add more features. I logged your bug at the link below. After we get our first release (slated for March 1st) I hope to make the mission available on steam workshop as well as directly from github. Your issue logged: https://github.com/DUWS-R-Team/DUWS-R/issues/27 The DUWS-R thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?187877-SP-MP-Dynamic-Universal-War-System-Rebirth
  8. fritogotlayed

    [SP\MP] Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth

    Thanks for the faith! I can only hope to take a great mod to a higher level. I'll definitely see what I can do regarding the checkpoints and lighting around the HQ. I have noticed that once the Opfor patrols get pretty strong it can hamper getting back to base for a resupply :-). For the additional mod support I'd have to research if that's possible to do dynamically. I'll definitely log the issues into our issue tracker on GitHub. At the very least having DUWS-R compatible with other mods will be a great feature. Thanks for linking the DUWS w/ RHS Escalation mod! New issues have been logged here at the links below :-) Checkpoints, additional or respawning security at HQ Lighting around the HQ is poor at night Research the ability for DUWS-R to use units from other mods easily (almost plug-in like)
  9. Official Steam Workshop Release http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=393315278 Release Candidate is here https://github.com/DUWS-R-Team/DUWS-R/releases/tag/v0.1.0-rc1 That's right. It's been about 3 weeks since this thread started and we finally have some traction to show! I must be honest, the majority of the improvements you see in this RC was done by the talented Bolbies and Phr0gz. These two saw the interest in the community for a renewed DUWS and hopped right in there to start things rolling. I can honestly say that I really appreciate their hard work and without them this RC would definitely not be released this early. That said, the link above is to our release candidate. Things may not be bullet proof or very shiney right now, but that's ok. Arma scripting is a completely new thing for myself and another member so we're slowing down the team right now by asking tons of questions. I can honestly say that if you hit a new bug it was probably from me, lol. The DUWS-R Team really appreciates your support and we hope you have fun playing with the latest release candidate! Original Post To all those interested I have started a GitHub project named, you guessed it, Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth. This is a fork of the original Dynamic Universal War System by Kibot. I am currently in the process of getting all the "plumbing" set up, such as continuous builds. Once we have a few releases made I will be adding the project to Steam Workshop. I encourage everyone that would like to fork the project on GitHub and make pull requests for all those features you've been wishing were in DUWS originally ;-). I'm a programmer by trade so doing the whole hype thing isn't exactly in my nature. I'd much rather wow people over with the finished work so stay tuned. For those that would rather give suggestions without actually getting their hands dirty in the scripting I will be watching this thread for new ideas!
  10. I'd love to have you on the DUWS-R team! I already have merge builds set up so the latest and greatest code is out there freely for people to download and play. I'm pretty new at AmrA scripting myself and would love some others to hop on the team as well! If you're interested shoot me a PM. GitHub Project - https://github.com/DUWS-R-Team/DUWS-R Development Downloads - http://www.maddonkeysoftware.com/DUWS-R/Downloads.aspx
  11. For anyone that is interested I'm making a fork of DUWS named Dynamic Universal War System - Rebirth. See what I did there? I'm so creative. The link is below. Kibot: Thank you so much for a great starting place! I can only hope to do it justice. My goals with the DUWS-R project is to get some of the bugs fixed and possibly add some extensions in the future :-). I welcome people to make contributions and all that good stuff there. I don't really know anything about ArmA scripting at all but I am a software developer by trade so the skills should be pretty transferable. I tossed the starting point out there for now and will get all the credits and such squared away when I get into the clean up phase (hopefully this upcoming weekend). I hope to see you all out there soon! GitHub Project - https://github.com/DUWS-R-Team/DUWS-R Development Downloads - http://www.maddonkeysoftware.com/DUWS-R/Downloads.aspx
  12. @Phil_Accio @Fury145 Have you all thought about putting the source for the DUWS extensions on something like GitHub or BitBucket? I'm a software dev by trade but I wouldn't mind contributing some tweaks or fixes to the script from time to time :-D