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  1. Flank command didn't works fine. They didn't flank enemy, but flank their own team.
  2. hi guys, do you would like these commands? When I select a group (e.g. team red) and give them a target, they should move like a... team and flank enemies, in a real firefight they would try to do it... So why dev team didn't add these commands?
  3. tibchele

    Flank Enemy and Clear Buildin commands

    I know, bohemia interactive sudios could add this feature or improve A.I. Guys, A.I. in ofp dragon rising behave more like a squad... Coms, when I get "flank enemy" command, move themselves finding cover and scanding horizon... And I think OFP DR is worse then ArmA III, am I right?
  4. Hi, I don't know if this is right section, but I would to know if you have my same idea: I would need those commands. Those command are even in OFP Dragon Rising that is worse then ArmA 3. I have to get too much "move there" command to flank enemy (giving fire at will command ai doesn't work like a squad), it isn't possible!
  5. tibchele

    Flank Enemy and Clear Buildin commands

    That command makes your team mate flank your group not the enemy. Sometimes in real firefights the group leader make flank enemy by a part of his squad... We can do it using several times "move there" command on map, it's not realistic.
  6. tibchele

    Support modules

    the support modules work to you?
  7. I used zeus module like curator, but enemies aren't spawn. Who can help me?
  8. Hi, i would use a defense module in a sp mission. I use zeus system, but no one were spawned. Please help me
  9. How can I choice my comrades like i can do in "Hunter Six: special operation unit"? I hope I've explained
  10. are there any alternative solution?
  11. How do you done allow to choice comrades at the mission start? Please, help me. I'm too curious
  12. Thank you, but is this usable in sp mission? In hunter six i can choice my comrides with radio commands.
  13. With bCombat ai continues to engage the enemies without cover
  14. I have updated the game and now tps works. Sorry, but I'm a Newbie. I've tried the mod and the AI should find a cover before engage enemies. It would be a more realistic way to engage enemies, right? ---------- Post added at 19:52 ---------- Previous post was at 19:30 ---------- It would be better. Would it be possible?
  15. It requires MAP_vr. Where can I find this file?