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    I have played this game since Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. I am a coder and scripting is just a baby language.

    I been banned for having multiple accounts, so I always have to maek a new account because each new account is a 'multiple account'. So, while I usually post the truth or my opinion of the truth, it doesn't bother me to be banned for it.

    Eagerly waiting for Arma3 to become playable with more fps after optimizations (hopefully)
  1. I agree @BrightCnadle that the past optimization attempts didn't really work. It makes you literally quit the game because unless you're throttling an I7 at 4.0GHZ (in layman's terms, a much faster CPU), you won't be playable on those servers. Obviously they would like to fix the issue, and they are now working on it more. However, the fact they claimed FPS improvements in the recent past and absolutely nothing changed for people like us is kind of a let-down to say the least.
  2. CockSalad

    are all the TvT campaigns dead?

    Just need people to sit down and do it. While people would like to take part in these events, usually 98% of them want to be grunts and take orders. The people who are actually leading might not even be that intelligent. This is just in my experience, when I tried to join realism clans and TvT/PvP over Arma1->Arma2->Arma3. I think some/a lot of them closed down because of mismanagement, people leaving/coming, internet arguments, etc. The current popular PvP awards you levels and access to better weapons, but usually the 'best' players then sit 2000m away on a hill with a tank or helicopter, and that obviously takes no skill or gameplay ability. There's many problems that I cannot fully discuss in length. If you find one, try it, but odds are it won't be as good as you would think as well.
  3. Yes please, add ponds before fixing engine bottlenecks and fps issues. It is such a problem that I can't go to a 50x50 space and have water in the pond!! Where are the womens?? HELP
  4. CockSalad

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    While I agree, I have just tried the 1.36.133RC and I'm not really sure if it is improved, because the servers are empty or have 5 player not doing very much at one time (at max). I was getting great FPS of ~40-60 in that build on the multiplayer servers, but as I said, it is hard to tell because it's not like a full loaded co-op server or PvP server. The 'fps' problem only seems to happen to clients after there's about 10 players and some actions happening in the server. And when it becomes a full release, we can see if the problem has actually been fixed. Personally I would not care if you still had Direct3d9 or Direct3d8 with some post-process effects to make it look shinier for the modern-day whiners. However, the problem is with the actual engine code and not the renderer, and having 20fps regardless of any graphics settings under certain conditions in multiplayer. Obviously if you overclock to 4.0ghz on your GPU or buy an IntelI7, it might increase your FPS or accelerate you past the bottleneck a bit by just processing the code faster. However, it only goes to like 30-40 max under those conditions even if those users have those top-end CPUs, thus clearly a bottleneck caused by coding. I just hope the next release fixes this or at least actually improves it, because the last ones didn't do anything for me.