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  1. Nope. But we can create an additional cfg for independent and opfor guerillas/militias. But we don't want to add an specific group. You can use these militias as Turkmen Front, Right Sector, oppositions and some terrorist groups like pkk, isis...
  2. Sorry, I couldn't check it. Now this is the actual way: It must be in the "face" menu, not "surface". All glasses/transparent materials must be "moved top" *. It is an common face order issue. * You can also check the move bottom.
  3. pardus

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    This kind of water particle effect can be good. It was an splash effect* which is caused by an object when it falls into the water. *An old photo in a test: Must be like this A3 art: A real footage: Current in-game water effect in surface for helicopters is not enough I think.
  4. Hi, A3 Tools: (current dev. version) Althougt the tex and mat names are correct, the paths are red. In buldozer, everything is ok, I can see tex and mat. Another issue is the UV Map filter. I cannot use filter to look textures: "Unable to load bitmap."; but the paths and formats are correct. When I add " / " in front of the path, it was solved for UV Map and tex&mat names window, but now the buldozer can't find the tex because of the added "/". Before this update; the paths, UV Map and Buldozer were ok(black paths/correct uv map and buldozer). Thanks in advance...
  5. Select the transparent parts of the model(glass, plastic, blur proxy etc.) then check "move top" and "move bottom" from surface*. It is like layers. *Must be in surface. I couldn't check.
  6. Can you reinstall the buldozer with new DevP. (Work drive management)
  7. It is TAI/AgustaWestland T129 ATAK in test.
  8. pardus

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    Hi Mikero, I had a problem about model.cfg. I think it's about the pboProject. (I'm using the last versions of the tools.) This is the topic: forums.bistudio.com/topic/185513-modelcfg-cannot-have-externs-rapify-failed/ I wanted to put it here.
  9. First, I uninstalled the Mikero's Tools. There was still the problem. Then I uninstalled(including regeistry) the Arma 3 Tools and reinstalled it. Problem solved. I can binarize my addons faultlessly. When I used Addon Builder, there was already no error message. But now, my addons have no problem in game too. I did not understand what was the exact problem.
  10. I was considering the same possibility. I will uninstall the Mikero's Tools then I will check. Thanks again!...
  11. Thanks @Jackal326 for information! I will change all of my configs. So, the process of Addon Builder related to Mikero's Tools when I installed it? Or is the change about model.cfg universal, not for only Mikero's Tools?
  12. Hi, When I tried to binarize my (some) addons, pboProject(by Mikero) showed an error: "model.cfg cannot have externs , rapify failed". There is no an error massage in outputs. My model.cfg s are from the Arma Licensed Data Packs. Then I tried to binarize with Addon Builder(A3 Tools), it was binarized. But in game, somethings about model.cfg were not ok(glasses were not transparent, rotor blurs were completely black...). When I look them in the Buldozer, every parts are ok. Then I tried to binarize some other files. One of them was ok. It was binarized by pboProject and Addon Builder with no error (ingame included). I used these files before and there was no problem. I sent my file to my friend, he tried it. It was ok(no error with addon builder or ingame). So the source of problem is about my PC or tools. I am using new OS(W10) and some programs(like ESET Nod32 AV, Comodo Firewall). Before this problem, I was using W8.1 and some other programs(like Avira AV, Comodo Firewall). Maybe it's about my new system. Some security programs can cause this error. I checked them but I can't see any problem about them. My A3 and A3 Tools are stable versions. I tried beta tools. There was no a change. Any diagnosis, advice?...
  13. Yes. MKE&KALEKALIP MPT-76 will be in the mod with different types(like barrel, camo...)