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    hunting, fishing, shooting, ArmA

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    Currently in progress with my enlistment, attempting the USAFs Pararescue. Small youtube channel, founder of a now defunct MilSim unit, cofounder of another.
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  1. Owen.

    Arma 3 FanArt

    My first ever chunk of artwork, I used the Altis map and a HMMWV add-on, I edited it with Adobe PhotoImpact. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=465573448 Sorry, dunno how to link the picture in here :p
  2. Owen.

    Arma3 Videos

    Another fresh video up, this one has a deep meaning behind it. If its not too much to ask, Id appreciate any subscibers or shoutouts. But most importantly, notice the meaning and remember it.
  3. Owen.

    Arma3 Videos

    Hello all, I created a video that took 4 hours of camera positioning and roughly 6 editing. My laptop can't record so I use screenshots to amass a video the best I can. This link is for my ArmA 3 Lone Survivor Tribute video since the 10th anniversary of Operation Red Wings is next month. If you liked it check out the other few I have, I must warn that they are rather sucky ArmA 2 videos. Thanks.
  4. Squad Name- Black Element Timezone/Location- Worldwide, currently consists of US EST and AUS EST Gamemode Preference- Coop/Adversarial Contact Email- kilroythekiljoy1776@gmail.com Website Address- http://steamcommunity.com/groups/blackelementrealism Language- English Short Description- We are a JISOTF called Black Element. We use our own tactics made from a combination of different SOF training from several countries and play with realism in mind. We arent as hardcore as others, we realize that Arma is a game. But we do expect you to be a team player and use common sense (If you believe that an AS50 is the standard issue weapon for urban sniping, please dont apply). Its an open group, so you dont even have to wait o be accepted. We primarily play on TF1776 but are looking at starting our own server. Check out our recruitment trailer
  5. Owen.

    Any ACE servers left?

    Im in the same boat as the OP, I cant find any ACE servers (No results for some, and I dont wanna register for a Milsim in others) but I just installed all of ACE. If I cant find any servers, guess Ill uninstall. Edit: Sorry for the necro, I didnt wanna start a new topic