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Just a small Tidbit for users 1.0-1.07 update

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If you do a fresh install of Arma 2 1.0 and patch it directly to 1.07 u may notice battleeye is not installed and you are being kicked from servers without being warned why.

1-You join a server instantly just see the Server list again

2-You Join a server once u actually select position and get into preview map and hit continue you are then put into Server list without and explanation or error.

-All Users on the servers are notified your Battle Eye is not responding

-You may notice insidre your game folder BattlEye Folder is not there

Fix Install 1.0 then 1.05 then 1.07

Fix Install 1.0 then 1.07 but Get a Zipped Archive of newest BattlEye

I do have the Battleeye Zipped "http://rapidshare.com/files/404608711/BattlEye.rar.html" incase anyone does need it and deos not want to reinstall the game nor has another comp with the game installed with BattlEye installed to CnP from

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