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WGL5.12 - coop - 5pl - Assault on Penchy -

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Hey there,

as a small thank You for the helpful answers and discussion got from the helpful CIA community (and of course, here as well) I decided to make a mission. It may not be the most advanced mission, for it is my first one and I did not want to implement complicated scripts like DAC or advanced helicopter commands, but I think I catched the atmoshere quite nicely and I ironed out allmost all evil bugs.

The mission takes place on Jelalhabat Island. 5 players can jump into the role of some incredibly elite special forces operatives of JFOR (Jelalhabat Force) and try to prevent an arms deal between the still so evil ruskies and some pesky Rebels the hard way.

Needed addons: WGL mod, Jelalhabat island (Afghan Everon)

Download: http://www.file-upload.net/download-2153094/wg_co_05_assault_on_penshy_v1.jelalhabat_isl.rar.html



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