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Village De-Pacification (WGL mod)

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Hello. This is my first mission, current version 2.8.

It's already been posted to the OFPEC beta forums:


The download is at the bottom of the post.

The mission is still in beta, but nothing really serious has been reported for a while. Thought I would share it here to get some more feedback.

Description: Command a 12-man resistance squad against Soviet occupiers in town of Larche. Option of retreating or fighting against significant reinforcements. I aimed for a short mission with lots of classic OFP infantry carnage. Several waves of enemy counterattacks need to be fought off to get the "happy" ending.

Addons: War Games League (WGL) Mod version 5.12 . Available at




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Another new version Kurtz?

Yeah, I've been a bit of a perfectionist, when it comes to revising this mission. :D The current version is pretty close to final, though. :yay:


Another new version! It has custom sounds as well as a ton of little tweaks. Sadly, there's a bug that I couldn't get rid of.

After the player's retry position is saved, which happens when the resistance approaches the town, and he reloads to that position (say after dying), it seems that the radio transmissions won't work. The game gives me an error dialog box that says "cannot find radio transmission smallarmor" or whatever the name of the radio transmission is. It's as though the game has forgotten the description.ext file. This does NOT happen when the player goes all the way through without reloading (but that's kinda hard, in a mission this difficult). I'm stumped. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future version.

Any tips?

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new version

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