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Unlocked vehicles? Hitching a ride??

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Hi, I'm one of those guys that likes to play warfare as single player. I usually host a lan game and join in and play against the AI. Is there a way to make it so that I can enter any vehicle that has a free slot not occupied by an AI character? Nothing worse than trekking it over to a town while the vehicle factory is being constructed and find that the enemies are all dead and not being able to jump into a supply truck or something that you know damn well is going your way. I'm not implying that I should be able to hijack any vehicle as that would throw off their tasks. I just want to be able to get in the car/vehicle with them. Would really be great. Is this possible to implement? Nothing worse than seeing 10 hummers fly by you when you're running towards the same destination.

How about a simple transport facilitiy added to Warfare? Would this be easy to implement? I'm not suggesting this would be everyone's cup of tea as you can get a ride in MP if you ask someone (maybe not). I would prefer both so I'm never stuck on foot. I'd like to be able to jump into any vehicle if its moving slow enough near me or stopped. With regard to transport, maybe just a simple request to summon a helo or even a vehicle. I guess I'd like to have other AI be cognizant of me and maybe allowing me to hitch a ride. I don't care much for fast travel as that seems to only allow you to do that under certain circumstances. i would much rather hitch a ride with my hommies.

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