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setVariable Broadcast

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team1 setVariable ["owner",unit1,true]

For join in progress, does this get sync'd with the player? Ie, would unit2 (the JIPper) be able to locally do this:

team1 getvariable "owner"

to return unit1.



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A quick question about publicvariable.

i got a mission where players need to seek and destroy some GRADs, and i got a trigger above each GRAD, size 5x5 and activated by the GRAD itself, and "detected by OPFOR".

On the triggers activation field i have the following

publicVariable "grad1spotted"; "g1loc" setmarkertypelocal "destroy"

...so when OPFOR player sees the GRAD,the marker does appear on map above the GRAD itself, and my question is, does the marker update on JIP players also with the (publicVariable "grad1spotted"), so that they see the already spotted GRADs also?

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