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ARMA II Patch 1.02 (Updated to build 58134)

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We are planning to release ARMA II Patch 1.02 soon but I can't confirm specific time yet.

It will be around 125 MB large download compatible with all game versions 1.00 DE and 1.01 DE/CZE/INTERNATIONAL.

Version 1.02 Highlights

* Improved AI driving skills

* Lowered enemy AI skills for regular and recruit difficulty levels

* Improved Micro AI tactics, attack in pairs, path limiting to avoid passing through walls.

* Fixed multiplayer session NAT negotiation

* Improved game stability (various crash opportunities fixed)

* Multiple save slots supported

* Improved terrain shape beyond map borders

* Various campaign and localization fixes and improvements

* Modules (F7) support added in the Mission Editor

* Added option to disable various post-process effects (bloom, blur etc.)

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We decided to release an updated patch 1.02 build 58134, please visit


for more information about the patch and available download options.


Few notes:

* our main reason to release an updated 1.02 version is newly implemented full support for anti-aliasing in this build that we believe increases visual quality significantly without any major performance impact

* this patch is compatible with all previously released versions (1.00, 1.01 and 1.02)

* all versions 1.02 remain compatible in multiplayer and also savegames from various versions 1.02 are compatible so the transition process to this updated version 1.02, build 58134 should be as seamless as possible for all users

Change log for build 58134 from the previous patch 1.02:

* Fixed localVRAM detection on Vista x64 systems with 8 GB RAM and more

* Enabled MSAA in Video options

* Fixed possible crash in Radio target reporting for NULL target

* Fixed DOF always enabled on game start.

* Added safeguard againg frequent reset into RequestFlushMemory as well.

* Improved Cannot create surface Rpt messages.

* Relaxed reset recovery conditions to that "profylactic" reset happens less often.

* HC command - enabled page selection

* Commandline parameter -netlog available in retail version again

* Editor fix: modules info serialization

* Fix: weapon fire effects in MP





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