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Herbal Influence

3rd person view versus egoshootermode

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I just played the crcti on ArmA2 and I was fascinated.

I just start straight away no need do download anything.

My only frustration was (beside the known, excusable bugs):

3rd view was deactivated by the admin.

But my topic is something for all MP-Missons taken aside the doomlike-egoshooter-maps where you run around buildings ...

Not to read again and again what I have heard in numerous online games where I asked not to deactivate 3rd-persons-view:

(1) The "shoot-over-the-hill"-possibility - you can watch a nice demonstration on youtube.

(2) "Flying" over the shoulders is real only after death - at least following some being-clinically-death-reports.

(3) Using the <alt> - key - feature with mouse moving to turn your head.

But !

While you read this text you focus on your monitor screen.

Nevertheless you realize something moving that is 90 degree aside from your viewing line onto the screen - to the left and to the right.

Try yourself!

That's a viewing angle of about a 180 degrees!

And that's not for nothing. Anything else - kills ! ;-)

And scientists found out that the borders of our "viewing field" are even more contrast-sensitive than the rest of the eyefields, because or for this they do no sense colours but only black and white. A result of the evolution of the eyes for it was always very important to realize a wild animal or any other danger from aside of your position.

In other words:

No-third-view or "egoshootermode" as I like to call it is quite unrealistic in a very basic and an very important sense. It steals important information like as if - and many will remember this argument - you were wearing a gasmask (or diving mask on your face).

To illustrate this: I once was diving in the Red Sea (near Israel, Jordania, Egypt) which is famous for its richness of sharks. While I was inspecting a big nice coral reef under water with my back to the dark blue sea I couldn't see two sharks that were coming up from behind. I didn't even notice them while they were swimming aside of me because a diving mask makes you look through a "tunnel" only, the better the mask the lesser this effect.

After the shark-experience I began to compensate by turning my head nervously and steadily to the right and to the left - you may imagine me as a frightened person ;-)

And this constant head turning is what you can do with the <alt> - key, but that is far from realistic: Neither do you constantly behave like that without a diving mask on your face, nor do you like to hit the <alt> key in real life ... ;-), especially when you need all your hands on your weapons etc.

Indeed it seems to be the only way to "realize" the real viewing field with that "flying over the shoulders" effect of third view "on".

The fact that "shooting-over-the-hill" is possible - is undeniable and I do yet NOT know how to disable that. But ... in my experience of a hundred ctis per year within the last 8 years nobody ever did ever use that "cheat".

What, instead of 3rd view, really should be deactivatable is the strategic view (<,> on the num-pad).

By the by:

I thank the Oldfreakz-Clan very much to have 3rd on all the time "on" their server.

This is my opinion. You may have another - but please give reasons. And please do not simply reiterate the know reasons I quoted above. Thanx !

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yes ;-)

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If you were aiming this at the Arma2 community you have posted in the wrong forum unfortunately. This is the Operation Flashpoint multiplayer section.

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OOooppps - yeah ... can you move it ?

Or I'll copy it ... because it's relevant to both.

Edited by Herbal Influence
yep ! ;-)

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