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United States Military USM

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United States Military Team has active members our own 100mbit server, the best maps on any server. Our own teams speak & website/forums.

USM Does Weakley training on our own custom maps teaching you real tactics. Our goal is to make you a better player part of the team. and play in a clan where you can enjoy the people you are around. We have 3 main divisions

3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment |3ACR|

75th Ranger Regiment |75RR|

160th SOAR |160SOAR|

Team Speak= Ts.usmsquad.com

Public server= Ts.usmsquad.com:2302

Website= http://www.usmsquad.com/nuke/

Join @ http://www.usmsquad.com/nuke....istment

Why Join USM?

#1 we hate evo and don’t play it but we have a coop server with it on it. CTF, C&H AND CTI are so much beter!

#2 All our pfc and above get server admin

We are good people you will enjoy being around us and playing with us.  Unlike most clans we have Good direction we know our goals.

We compete and win. We don’t settle for you’re half fast attempts and will make you a better player if you want to. We have tons of mission makers and lots of custom missions.

Our server is better then anyone else’s why do I say that?  Because I helped out 30% of most of the good servers out thare we know how to tweak all night long! gets 40fps all the time. Our box is a Opteron 1216 with 2gb ddr2 533mhz on a 100mbit pipe in Texas.

We have very active server admins who can change anything on the fly & ip ban id ban.

Requirements to join are!!!

#1 have team speak and be social on it.

#2 you have you be willing to attend Training/practice.

#3 Mature but not a total tight wad.

#4 Not a cheater & Have a ligit copy of the game.

This is not a double post the other one has old info and that member is no longer allowed to use the bis forums To edit it.

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Your entire group was banned from these forums by Shadow sometime ago for supporting piracy.

Thread will remain locked.

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