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OFP Crashing or freezing

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When OFP is crashing or freezing on your computer, be sure to check Troubleshooting FAQ, especially topic OF RANDOMLY CRASHED and if you have VIA chipset based motherboard, also check AGP 4x problem on VIA.

If OFP has crashed, you can also send us crash files and we may be able to identify your problem:

Send ONE mail to support@bistudio.com with this:

- brief description of your problem

- CPU type, motherboard, graphics card configuration (you can send DxDiag.txt, which contains this and even mose)

- Flashpoint.rpt and Context.bin files

- what version of OF are you using

(which addons)

- in which mission are you experiencing problems

- are you using HW T&L or not?

- what operation system have you got? (Win9x, WinME, Win2000)

You can also search this forum to see if anyone has similiar problems as you or you can ask if there is some known solution. When asking, always provide as much information about your system as possible, especially:

graphics card model (e.g. GeForce, Intel, ATI Rage, PowerVR Kyro)

motherboard / chipset (e.g. VIA, Intel 815)

CPU type (e.g. Intel PIII 800 MHz, AMD Duron 1200 MHz)

operating system (Win2000, WinME, Win98, WinXP)

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