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CiA co-op night

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Osku on target:





Viking checking things out:



Well, I guess I'll help myself to your RPG. . .






Edit: added links to zoomed images, weren't working for me @ imageshack

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From the CiA homepage:

We have 1500+ FDF coop missions on server, many of them CiA unique.

Join our Wednesdays OFP FDF coop games.

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Ok, for those interested, the CiA FDF server is up. I'll have more info for downloading the addons, for those who want to get them (I'm in the process of uploading them to the same location as the TacOps WGL files). The process for acquiring the PW remains the same (see the CiA site; if I don't know you, you won't get it from me).


Alright, here's @cia.zip: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21095104/%40cia.zip

Here's finmod.zip, which contains a fully patched FDF mod and the additional needed files: http://www.multiupload.com/3E7G4V7L8N

edit 2:

This might not work - I'm getting stuck in "Wait for server" Limbo.

I'm able to log in as an admin and select missions, but it sticks at "Wait for server".

Given the above, if you don't see me in the CiA server, I'll be in the TacOps one. FDF might have to wait for another day. . .

edit 3:

CiA FDF server is up and running, full bore! See you there!

(I messed up, but was able to fix it, w/ a little help from Mr. Zulu!)

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