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"Get in" Waypoint Issue

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I am having issues with the Get In waypoint. As of testing, i had no mods loaded, and i tested using vanilla CSAT units. The problem seems to be that, when a group is assigned with a "get in" waypoint, only the squad leader will get in the vehicle, whereas the rest of the group will stay near the vehicle, rather than boarding it. Of course, i checked the amount of seats in the vehicle (I used a KAMAZ transport truck), but no matter what i do, the rest of the squad will not get in the vehicle. Is there any possible way to have the rest of the squad get in the vehicle? 

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Welcome to BI forums!

Do this:

1. Give the Kamaz a waypoint of Load

2. Give your AI squad a waypoint of get in

3. Set waypoint activation of the get in waypoint, and sync it to the load waypoint, and the ai squad will all get in.

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