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New content for the Steam store page - offer

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Good day,


I'm part of the active modding team, still working on new content for this title, supported by Stucuk (the active developer of the game currently). We really wish this game finally came to light and got some more attention with all its old and new content because it is an underappreciated gem.


I've looked on the Steam store page a while back and noticed that it only features some old pre-alpha screenshots which do not represent the actual game content. The site lacks some of the more modern "polish" like few short clips and new screenshots of the actual game.

The game has got a UI overhaul, along with lots of QoL and small engine improvements to help it progress into its twenties. We made a list of new screenshots, plus 3-4 clips about the game in its current state. We would really like to ask Bohemia for an opportunity to refurbish the Steam page with the new content we have already prepared. 
Is there any person that we could contact and present our materials to?

Best regards,

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