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Win 10 "admin" won't install ARMA II CD, FIX!

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I know this is probably way too late for many ARMA II players, but I know there are a few lurkers, having the same issue I did, from the past year or two. After windows 10, being on my PC for a year, I could NOT get ANY games to load, via CD, ( not by steam) taken me almost a year to find, but I found it.


Unknown to almost EVERYONE, Windows 10, keeps all " Admins" under a single, and final umbrella admin control. THIS is why, even if you are the ONLY Admin on your PC, you still get a red admin/security error, when installing the PHYSICAL ( lovingly kept) CDs. Most windows 10 OS does not have " GPEDIT.MSC installed, ( Group Policy/Permissions)


Download GPEDIT.MSC installer. run that. After install, open up GPEDIT.MSC


Go to folder " windows settings"-> security settings -> local policies -> security options. On the right hand panel, UNCHECK!  This option "User account control: Run all administrators in admin approval mode."








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Good to know for reference when we want to fire up A2OA again!

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