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BIS_fnc_taskDefend Oddity

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I've written a script that spawns random enemy groups around the map (currently testing Altis) and I use BIS_fnc_taskDefend to get them to defend their spawn position.


Simply put, my last test went like this - 


1 Random enemy group spawned about 6km from my base using BIS_fnc_taskDefend

2 At base, a different random enemy engaged my base guard, a "machine gunner" - my guard won

3 when I went back to check the random group, they had fallen into formation and were running in the exact direction of my base 6km away, with the leader shouting "Engage that machine gunner!". They were already 1km away from their spawn point and clearly ignoring their task of defending their original position.


Does anyone know how these two enemy groups "combined" like this? Do they communicate via radio? Is there a way to avoid this, so the first group maintains its defense position?


Thanks in advance for any info.


EDIT - I thought it might be possible that they were chasing someone else, so I set time to 4x and watched. They ran the 6km and engaged with the machine gunner at my base.

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