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Help with making popup targets go down after multiple hits

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I'm making a shoothouse and need the targets to pop down after 2 hits. I found a script on https://www.ofpec.com/forum/index.php?topic=32607.0;all and it does work in SP and on a Client Hosted Server. But, it does not work on a dedicated server. The script needs "nopop" to eq true. So, in the init.sqf of the mission nd initserver.sqf I put "nopop = true". Though nopop is a global variable it seems that this script thinks that nopop is false? Can someone take a look and let me know? Or teach me how to create a global variable? Or is it possible to create a version of this for MP use? I modified the script to be two round hits before the target goes down.

This is in the init of each popup target:

if (!isDedicated) then {this addEventHandler ["Hit", {[_this, 2, true] execVM "AdvancedPopUpTarget.sqf"}];};

I added the If statement. Originally, it does not have an If statement.

this addEventHandler ["Hit", {[_this, 2, true] execVM "AdvancedPopUpTarget.sqf"}];

Here is the script (Credit should go to Worldeater):

#define ERROR_NOPOP hint str(__FILE__ + "\n\nERROR:\nThis script requires the global variable nopop to be true")

if isNil("nopop") exitWith { ERROR_NOPOP };
if not nopop      exitWith { ERROR_NOPOP };

_eventInfo    = _this select 0;
_requiredHits = _this select 1;
_stayDown     = _this select 2;

_target = _eventInfo select 0;
if (_target animationPhase "terc" > 0) exitWith {};

_hitCount = _target getVariable "HitCounter";
if isNil "_hitCount" then { _hitCount = 0 };

_hitCount = _hitCount + 1;
_keepUp = true;

if (_hitCount == _requiredHits) then {
	_hitCount = 0;
	_target animate ["terc", 1];
	sleep 3;
	_keepUp = not _stayDown;

if _keepUp then {
	_target animate ["terc", 0];

_target setVariable ["HitCounter", _hitCount];


Again, i do not take credit of the script, just wanted to give anyone willing to help an idea of what I am trying to do.


If we can create a completely new script, I am all game for that as well!


Thanks for the help!

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